Web House Nepal

Web House Nepal is a Nepal-based top-notch IT company specializing in creating websites, web apps, software, mobile apps and providing a variety of services like domain, hosting, digital marketing and graphic designing. We possibly provide every technology solution for our clients.

Our team of enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic designers and developers work together to deliver you the most powerful and innovative solution. We are a team of fully devoted and well experienced professionals who have never failed to provide an award-winning technology solution to our clients. We work neither to exceed your cost and effort nor to fall behind your objectives, we are totally concerned in providing you 100% project delivery in terms of time, cost, design and performance.

Being a tech company, it’s our major feature to constantly transform and update ourselves as per the technology and provide our clients with high-quality service. Our brilliant teamwork, passionate team members and first-class service delivery have led us to be the most desired, trustworthy and obvious choice for a web solution. We just don’t work for your business, we care about your business.

Our Vision

We envision to lead the global tech world through abstract service in optimizing online visibility and digitalization of every single business: start-up, SME or large enterprise.

Our Mission

Web House Nepal strives to provide cutting-edge technology solutions to your business and brand through creative and ingenious web design and development, software development, mobile app development, digital marketing, graphic designing and domain & hosting services.

Working Process

  • Analysis
  • Website designer

First and the foremost step for any project is analysis. This process initiates with discussion and few queries to figure out the nature of the desired project and objectives. We too analyze the design and functionality of the project that the client has visualized. Analysis helps in creating a base for other work processes.  


  • Strategy and planning
  • Website designer

On the basis of requirement and objectives, a framework is derived and is presented to the client. A detailed discussion is made to figure out if anything is to be added, improvised or removed. Here we derive a final outline of design and functionality, develop strategy and create work plans and schedules for mobilizing manpower and resources.


  • Design and development
  • Website designer

As per the finalized strategy and plans, we proceed towards creating your project. Our professional designers and developers use every possible technology and tools to provide you 100% delivery in terms of design, performance, cost and time.


  • Test/observation and delivery
  • Website designer

Following the works of design and development, we undergo testing or observation from our side and then provide a demo copy to the client for the same purpose. This helps in figuring out any inaccuracies if present. Amending all the errors and weaknesses if present, final delivery or implementation of the project is done. We do work for further upgrades and maintenance as per the client’s requirement.