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Benefits of G-Suite for Businesses

What is E-mail?

Email is now one of the most trusted forms of communication. It can be created for personal use by individuals and can also be created for business usage. Unlike any other form of communication, it lets people communicate in a more professional way. Email is way too easy to use and incredibly multi-functional. That’s the reason why the number of email users is increasing every day. As of November 2021, there are more than 4 billion active email users throughout the world, according to Statista.  


What is Mail Server?

A mail server can be interpreted as an application or a computer system that allows people to send or receive emails. It stores the mails in the inbox and sends the outgoing mails to the destination. A mail goes through a complex process as it has to go through a number of servers to get there to the actual destination. 

A mail server encrypts the transfer of every email so that no one else can have access to the personal email information of anyone. That’s why compared to other types of communication tools, emails are much safer and secure, it maintains privacy in a way too better. Further, there are some other advanced mail servers that can provide their clients with additional security features against possible cybersecurity attacks. This service performs as an aid to the well-established businesses as well as the newly established businesses as it keeps the emails and data more confidential. 


Short Introduction to G-Suite

G-suite can be referred to as a secure integrated cloud-based collaboration and a group of applications or tools designed and developed and introduced by Google with the purpose of helping businesses to communicate internally and externally.

The primary g-suite tools include a number of tools or applications such as Gmail, Docs, Drives, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Hangouts, and a few more. All these tools are specifically designed to carry out different tasks of business.

Unlike other general tools of Google, g-suite is specially designed for businesses. The web applications under g-suite provide access to Gmail on the preferred or existing domain names (i.e.: name@company.com) along with multiple features such as 30GB of Google Drive storage, shared calendars, Google sheets, Google docs, and many more. But what is notable is that g-suite is not free. Yes, there are some applicable costs and fees to be paid to the g-suite providers to get access to it. 

Benefits of G-Suite

Switching to g-suite has become the need for the current time to the businesses as it is advanced and there are multiple benefits of using g-suite.


  • Provides you with business emails

Using a free Gmail does not make it look professional but upgrading to g-suite provides with business emails including the domain name, for instance, abc@company.com. It directly or indirectly increases credibility and uplifts the brand value of the company.


  • Extra safety and security to emails

By upgrading to g-suite you can store all your data and files on online storage with no risk of being disclosed to anyone else or cyber attack. It is a more secure way of storing information. Your emails, documents, and everything are safe and you can get access to them at any time from anywhere. 


  • Maximum online storage

Have you ever checked out the availability of storage on your g-drive? Actually, Google provides you with 15GB of free online storage in total, it includes all the emails, data, and files that you have on your Google account. But, g-suite can provide you with the maximum online storage that you need.


  • G-suite admin panel

The admin panel, which is made available by g-suite, allows its owner to control over and manage everything including the users, data, device, and so on. It means the owner can add or remove users and keep track of every data.


  • Offline functions

Having access to online storage during offline mode is an extra piece of benefit that one can receive by upgrading the account to g-suite. Yes, one does not need to stay online to check out the available data and update them. The g-suite apps can function even without internet access.


G-Suite Solutions by Web House Nepal

With the rise in advanced technologies to enable businesses to carry out their operational activities more effectively every day, the number of businesses using g-suite has also increased in Nepal. G-suite enables businesses to perform their functions more efficiently with a sharp rise in speed and performance.

Today, thousands of small and large businesses use g-suite for easy communication, marketing, and the smooth operation of their business. Considering and analyzing all the information available, we, the professional at Web House Nepal provide our clients with the upgraded g-suite as per our clients’ needs. So, if you are in search of the best g-suite providers in Nepal, Web House Nepal is the best option for you.

What features do we provide to our clients in g-suite?

  • A custom business email with your domain name

  • All essential security stuff and admin features in a package

  • 24/7 support (live chat)

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