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Best Web Design and Development Companies in Nepal

Web design and development

Web design and web development are not the same things but they are interlinked with each other. To establish a great online presence for a business, there is a need for both, web design and web development. However, they do not share the same concerns and priorities within the process of website creation, and their responsibilities totally differ from each other.

Web design can be explained as the face of a website that is visible to the people who visit the website on the internet. It is the outlook of a website that consists of different aspects of user experience including the layout of the website. What the website would look like, its logo, the fonts, colors, and themes used on the website, the way content is displayed, how the layout adjusts its size according to the devices available with the audiences, these all depend upon the web designer and the web design. A good web design is one that is simple and easy to use and responsive in nature.

Web development in simple words is the process of coding and developing a website so that the website can function well. It is a never-ending process that may consist of various specializations, i.e, working on the web server, web engineering, network security configuration, etc. A web developer may use different programming languages such as PHP, Javascript, HTML, C++, CSS, etc according to the need.


Rise in the number of websites along with the rising number of businesses in Nepal

Rather than depending upon others to fulfill hand-to-mouth problems, Nepalese people these days believe that having their own capable business is a great way to generate income. Due to this, in comparison to the past days, the number of businesses in Nepal has increased way too fast, be it small businesses, or medium or large businesses.

One of the unavoidable reasons behind the rise in the number of businesses in Nepal is the easy access to the internet, advancement in information technology, and awareness about the importance of online presence for businesses. Now, there are thousands of registered websites in Nepal. Most of which are developed by web development companies in Nepal.

Rather than investing a huge amount in establishing a physical store, entrepreneurs find it to be a better idea to create a website for their brand and business, display their products online, and sell them online. It does not only limits the cost but provides maximum benefit within a specific cost and time period by making the products visible to the local as well as global audiences. 


How does having a website help businesses?

Websites have features beyond the limitation. Considering the available features and benefits provided by the websites, it just can not be compared with other types of businesses that do not have their own websites.

So, let’s take a deep dive into the detail of the features of businesses and get ideas about how they help businesses.

  • Provides a professional look at best cost

Websites allow you to upload and showcase your products online, without messing up a physical store and stocks, and even when you do not have a physical store. All you have to do is to pay a certain fixed cost to the website designer and developer and upload attractive pictures of your products and services along with relevant short and sweet content or product description. It provides a professional look to your business. 


  • Increases credibility

Technology has become one of the most essential parts of human life today. No matter where you go and what you do, you are somehow linked with technology. With the rapid growth of technology, people have begun to trust the businesses that have online presence rather than the ones that are not available online. 


  • Accessible from anywhere at anytime

Unlike physical stores, websites do not have boundaries over time and place. Speaking of physical stores, they are available for local people only who live in the area where the store is located, they are not available for global audiences and customers. But, in the context of websites, whether it is you (the owner) or your customer, anyone can get access to the website at any time from anywhere, be it any corner of the world. There’s no boundary to anyone. 


  • Competitive environment 

As businesses are well aware of the importance of online presence in the current time, most of them are available online these days. That means your real competitors are here in the digital world. So having a separate online presence for your business enables you to stand out among all the competitors and sustain yourself. 


  • Displays feedbacks and reviews to strengthen relationships with audiences

The one thing that would definitely not be possible in physical stores is to convey the words of satisfied customers to the visitors or new customers. But, with the websites, it is easy to convey those messages. How? Websites have a separate feature that displays the messages, reviews, and feedback received from loyal satisfied customers. What this section does is let the visitors know about your unmatchable products and outstanding services through the words of your satisfied customers. They work as magical words which build better relationships with the existing customers and new ones. 


  • Two-way communication is possible

Websites make it easy for businesses and customers to communicate with each other. Unlike in the physical stores where the customers have to wait in a crowd for a long time to get a response to their queries, the websites do not make the customers wait. If most customers have similar queries, the FAQ section available on the websites is a great tool to respond to them instantly. If not, there are multiple other options such as live chat, support, direct mail, etc to have two-way communication with customers and strengthen the relationship with them. 



Web Design and Development Companies in Nepal

Are you thinking of creating an online presence for your business? Do you wonder who could be the best option for you? No worries, let’s check out the web design and development companies in Nepal

(Based on google search at 2021-March on keywords: Web Design company in nepal, Web development company in nepal)


  1. Softbenz Infosys

  2. Web House Nepal

  3. Webtech Nepal

  4. Web Creation Nepal

  5. Web Link Nepal

  6. Young Hat

  7. Vertex Solutions

  8. E-Zonenternational

  9. Web Design in Nepal 

  10. Soft Nep

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Last Thought

With the advancement in information technology and easy access to the internet, the demand for new websites has been increasing every day, in Nepal and throughout the world.

There is a large number of web design and development companies in Nepal that are providing excellent service to their clients by providing them with websites enriched in features.

We, the team of expert designers and developers in Web House Nepal, are always here to provide our clients with excellent service of website development in Nepal. So, if you are in search of the best web development company in Nepal, we might be the ultimate solution for you.