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Cost of Web Design in Nepal | Website Development Cost

When you ask the question to any professional about website design cost in Nepal the answer is always the same: "it depends". Yes, but it depends on what?

It's the most important question when you start your website. And honestly, the answer depends on how much you want it.

Let's understand it with a simple example. When you order only the normal coffee in the coffee shop it might be cheap but if you want variation in coffee with various flavor than it obviously cost more. 

You got it, right? The same thing applies while designing and developing the website. 

First, it must be understood that the price of a website is mainly calculated in time and requirements. 

The complexity of your project and the types of the website helps to find the website design price. The more complex website project you have the more expensive your site will be.

Secondly, the price varies depending on the level of customization you will require for your project. 

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Website Construction Cost: Estimate Based on Real research.

There are many factors that need to be taken into account when calculating the cost of a website, all of which can vary greatly depending on complexity and simplicity.

The cost of building a website basically falls into the following categories:

Web hosting and domain costs

Website design costs

Copy of writing/content fee

Web development costs

This article tries to provide real value and price based on real research so that you can better understand the different costs of your website and understand how to plan your budget.

Why SEO is important for business

However, the price presented in this blog is taken from the particular website designing and developing the company's website who are on the top of google search result. 


Web design cost in Nepal

The Above figure is from Web Creation Nepal. They have variation in price according to the packages. Their full packages price can be seen on their website. 


Website design cost in Nepal

Webtech Nepal has provided clear pricing on their website. 



Website design price in Nepal

Web design in Nepal has only provided the costing for static website. For more information, you can contact them.


Cost of web designing in Nepal 

Vertex Web Surf has given the pricing according to Design and CMS pattern. Visit their website for more information.



web design and development cost in nepal

We are still collecting more information about pricing from other company. As soon as we get the inforamation we will be updating the content. 

The interesting part is, we found the same query in Quora and got some pricing information from a few people and web designing company.

As a web design and development company in Nepal, we are happy to provide our pricing structure for you. You can directly get our pricing structure in our Enquiry section. Fill the given form and you will get the pricing structure. If you need a pricing structure according to your requirement feel free to contact us. For the basic as we providing website design and development service with following charges:

Web Design Cost



 Cost (NRS)

 Cost (USD)

 Static one page website



 Static website upto 8 pages



 Dynamic website -Starting from



 Travel and Tours Website -Starting from



 News Portal -Starting from



 E-commerce website - Starting from



 Ecommerce website with App- Starting from




*Above listed price does not includes hosting, domain and other services. These are design and development cost.

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Summary: How much does a website cost in Nepal?

Beauty is from the viewer's perspective, but when it comes to design, you must have a professional website if you want to take it seriously. The advent of website builders and CMS platforms like WordPress gives you much more flexibility in how you design your blog and website design.

But it comes at the cost of adding more work to your dishes. Hire freelancers and agencies to create content. Costs can range from $ 10 to $ 100 per hour for content generation.