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cPanel Price Hike: Time for Web Hosting Companies to Think Twice

A few weeks back cPanel/WHM declared some insane increments on their licensing prices. They have changed its pricing model from per-server pricing to a per-account pricing model. cPanel price hike now has become the topic of discussion for hosting companies and think about it. 

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Before 20 years when cPanel announced its pricing structure, the servers were not that powerful as they are on today. Today servers are more powerful. Oakley Capital has was taken over Cpanel - which also owns the Plesk control panel. Now not only cPanel and Plesk it also owns WHCMS the most powerfull WebHost Manager. After their purchase of cPanel, they have complete control of the web hosting market for the control panel.

The market of cPanel is increasing due to the increase in hosting company and increasing the importance of a website for every business. cPanel is the easy and userfriendly application for managing the hosting and it is best for security issue also.  

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Current cPanel Price Structure

Currently, the cost offered by cPanel for a VPS is $20 per month for up to 5 accounts on the server. For accounts between 6 to 30, the cost is $30 for a month and for accounts between 31 and 100, the cost is $45 every month. If you need more than 100 accounts, at that point the cost for each account after that would be $0.20 every month.

The cost of the dedicated server beings at $45 per month for account size up to 100 posts which is $0.20 per month for each account.

If you have more than 1100 accounts, with the past cPanel estimating structure, the expense for cPanel was $31.95 every month. But, presently, with the new pricing structure, the customer should pay $245 every month for cPanel license.

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cPanel announced a massive price increase and a complete change to their billing model, by adding an additional layer of billing per account, without warning.

From Sept 1 these changes take into effect. Majority of hosting provider use Cpanel. cPanel seems to be the big player in the hosting industry. Due to the insane decision of Cpanel. All most all provider will have to increase prices of hosting they are providing. And all most all the hosting provider have obliged to cancel the unlimited account hosting feature from their services.  

Official Press release from cPanel: https://blog.cpanel.com/update-to-account-based-pricing/

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What is the Solution, any alternative?

Simply speaking, yes there are alternatives but you need root permission of server to install software or application. Those who own VPS and the dedicated server can easily find a free or low-cost alternative of Cpanel. But for those who have purchased the Reseller, they are just obliged to follow their hosting provider.

cPanel Alternatives





CentOS Web Panel

What do you think is it the time to seek an alternative? Obviously most of the website owner, hosting companies are affected by the decision of cPanel. Write your opinion and in the comment box. Let's discuss this topic which might be helpful for every individual who is related to hosting business.