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Difference between web page and web app

Normally while we see the meaning of the web page and web application both is a website. The web page is a basic static website and a web application is an advanced form of it.

So let's try to understand the web page and web application and the difference between them.


Web Page

The web page is an Informative normal page. It might be well-designed or just simple content placement.

Visitors can get information from the web page but they can not do good and effective interaction through the web page with the admin and another user of the website.

Web pages may not have an advanced content management system (CMS) to manage the content of a website.

Actually, all kinds of basic informative websites are examples of web pages. It might be a corporate website, landing pages, personal website, etc.

How can web pages be created?

Web pages can be created with any web design and development tools. And it can be created by many website builders like Wix. Web pages can be created only from HTML and CSS and with the latest technologies like react, Vue js, python, and many more.

What is the use of a Web Page?

  • To present the information in an artistic way.

  • To use as a landing page.

  • To make an online presence and global access to your product or service.

Advantages and disadvantages of Web Page

  • Compared to the web app, the web page is light so it is fast to open.

  • It consumes less time and effort to design and develop.

  • It is cheaper than web applications.


While we see the disadvantages of the web page it may not have good cms to manage the content of the website and it does not have a better interaction with the admin of the website or another user of the website.

Who can use the web page?

Anyone who wants to present their information online. Information about the product or service.


Web Application

A web application is the advanced form of a web page. Website built with many user interactive features. In a web application, besides the information, a user can interact with the admin, and with a more advanced web application, one user can interact with another user of the website. 

All types of software that can access and use from a URL or IP with a browser is a web application. 

Online software or cloud-based software are examples of web applications.

A web application is a type of website which is developed with a well-managed database, so it can process the data and give output as per input.

As a characteristic of web applications we can list them below:

  • Users can interact with the website and with users of the website.

  • Users can access the data or get the output as per need with certain input.

  • In some advanced web applications, users can interact with other users of the website.

  • Normally web applications have cms to manage the content, so the admin can manage the data of the website and the data of the user from the backend.


Advantages and disadvantages of web applications

There may have many advantages of the web application and among them, we can list some here:

  • Web applications can be accessed and used from anywhere in the world where the internet and browser are available.

  • It makes life easy by solving real-time problems and saving time.

  • Compared to desktop applications and mobile applications it is more cost-effective to develop and maintain.

  • Web applications can be used without downloading to your device.

  • It does not consume the resources of the physical device.

Among these advantages it may have the following disadvantages:

  • It required an internet connection to run.

  • As hosted online it is less secure than other applications.

  • It might be slower than a web page because of the data and process.


Difference between a web page and web application

 Web Page

 Web Application

 Small website 

 Advance website



 Cost effective to develop

 Expensive to develop

 Less interactive

 More interactive

 Can not process data

 Process the data

 Just display the information with a designed layout.

 Many advanced features than just displaying information.

 May not have or may have small cms.

 Will have good cms.

 Deployment and hosting are easy

 Deploying and hosting might require more technical people to m

 Cheap to host and maintenance

 Expensive to host and maintenance.

 Used as a showcase of the skill or products  Online tools

















A web page is a website that is used as a showcase of a skill or product.

Web applications are online tools that help you to automate your process and where users can do make interact

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