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Importance of Customer Review

What is customer review?

Customer review refers to the feedback or responses that your business receives from your customers. It has become one of the most important tools to attract more customers to your site, no matter whether you are engaged in online shopping stores, product manufacturing and distribution or service providing.

It has been known that almost 90% of customers make purchase decisions only after reading customer reviews and testimonials available on the site. Yes, we do the same. Before choosing any product or service, we seek out recommendations from its previous customers and our purchase decision is highly influenced or manipulated with the reviews shared on the website. The positive customer reviews establish trust and better relation between the sites and the customers.

Why is a customer review so important to a website? Let’s have a look at how customer review affects a website and its customers.


Brand awareness, visibility & reach

A customer review is not just a review but it works as an online marketing tool too. The more your customers talk about your brand, the more people will get to know about it. Customer reviews increase visibility and reach in your brand, products and services in multiple ways including the Google searches. Here you do not need to put any extra effort because your customers do marketing for you. The words by your existing customers will promote your brand and affect the purchase decision of the new customers.


Establishes trust

In the digital world, people hardly believe in any business at once. The words you speak about your products or services may not be that effective to them. Or let’s say that your way of marketing or branding may not be able to make the new customers believe in you and your business. But the words by your existing customers have a great impact on your new customers. They believe what other customers say about your business.

For instance, you are searching for a genuine beauty product and you visit different online stores to place an order for the product. In this case you will definitely search for customer reviews in those sites and will prefer the one that has positive customer reviews. It makes you trust the product, the brand and encourages you to buy the product.


Easy to make purchase decision

Purchase decisions are never instant. Different factors of a website manipulate customers and convince them to make a business. Customer reviews is one of them. Every potential customer first searches about the product/service on the internet then looks into customer reviews and makes a purchase decision only after positive customer reviews that exactly match with what he/she was looking for.
Customer reviews are highly influential to the new customers because they believe that customers have nothing to gain or lose by praising or by criticizing the products and services. So a customer review makes it easy for another customer to make a purchase decision.


Identifies your weaknesses

It is not possible that you always get a positive response from your customers. You may sometimes get negative responses from them too. They may criticize or may talk about the disadvantages that they had with your product or service. They may express disappointment towards their purchase.
It helps you identify your weaknesses, realize the need for improvement and make it better in future.


Becasue of these above listed reason and more we need to have good customer reviews at website and at local business listings like Google Business, trustpilot and more.