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Importance of images in websites

Technology has completely changed our life and mindset. We want everything to be quick and like to get instant results for everything. Even when we look for any information on a website, we look for something that can quickly deliver the required information rather than going through each corner of the site. Here comes the importance of images in websites. Even while reading the contents of a website, most of us do not read the whole text, instead, we mostly skip to the related images that can provide the core idea of what we are looking for.

Making it easier for customers to find out the core information they need, images are used on websites in different formats like PNG, JPEG, and GIF. Almost all websites use the most relevant and meaningful images on their web pages to provide quick and detailed information. This use and placement of images define the professionalism of the website design and development so it looks serious to every designer.
An image available on a website is more like a pillar to a building. It supports the website and improves the website's standard by providing a better user experience. For more details, let’s go through a few major advantages of using images on websites.
1. No language barrier
Language is one of the most difficult parts in the context of the content. While preparing textual content for websites, you need to use a specific language that you and your customer can speak and read. It helps in the proper flow of communication between two parties.
Due to variations in languages, it may sometimes be difficult or impossible to deliver your message to your target customers through textual content. Your customers may not understand the message that you’re trying to convey. But with images, it is easy to deliver the desired message to all the people throughout the world. It directly gets connected with the emotions and feelings of the customers. With images, even those who cannot understand your language can easily get what your content wants to deliver.
2. Saves time
Another important or advantage of using images in websites is, that they save time both for the writer and the reader. Did you know that a single image can speak more than a thousand words? Images are known as the easiest and quickest way of delivering any message. Even without a single word, you can convey your message to a large group of customers through images.
For example, to inform visitors that you provide home delivery services, you do not need to write long and boring content about it. Just a single image of a delivery man at the doorstep is more than sufficient to quickly aware users of it. It is easy to understand the concept behind the content of the website with images.
3. Visual learning is more considerable
These days, people prefer visual learning over text because a website full of text does not seem to be cool and interesting to everyone. Rather people may leave the site if they find a web page full of text. They prefer observing a meaningful image rather than reading the whole story written on the web page.
The human brain quickly responds to visual information. Moreover, people may forget what they read, but they remember what they perceive from an image. Whether your customers are students, buyers, distributors, or related to any other profession, they tend to retain the information they receive visually for a longer time.
4. Improves views, clicks, and search engine ranking
The use of images in a web page is more capable of retaining customers on your website for a long time. The use of an appropriate and appealing image compels visitors to pay attention to the website and results in more new views and clicks.
Likewise, the images that are relatable to the used text help a lot in driving organic traffic to your website. You can optimize the SEO of images to make them easily available on search results and improve the rank of your website. The image-oriented platforms like Instagram and Pinterest follow the same process and have gained very high popularity. Make sure that you use an appropriate name, description, and keywords that your customers are more likely to search for.