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The Importance of Blogs for a Website

As being a web design and development company, as a web consultant, we prefer our clients and everyone to have a blog on their website. In this article, we like to share the importance of the blog for the website.


We know what a website is and why a website is needed for the business. Beyond this, we know the types of the website and components of the website. Website is not only the digital front desk of the company, it is the foundation of the business. 

We have been talking more about the web and related things, today we will talk about Blogs. We will talk shortly about the blog and mainly about the importance of the blog for the website.

Some websites are just a showcase of your company whereas most of them are the source of the business or foundation of the organization. 

Everyone wants to gain more visitors to their website. There are several factors that help to gain more visitors, among them SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the fundamental matter for the present scenario. It means the website should be SEO-friendly. It should be well optimized. 

SEO plays a vital role to grow your business. You can check your SEO status in various ways with various tools. There are many factors that come with SEO and Blog is one of them. 

 What is a Blog?

Regularly updating new material on the websites as a post is a blog. It might be an article, news, or something in written form. As per Wikipedia: A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). 

A person who keeps writing for the blog is a blogger.

Why is a blog needed for the website?

The blog may not be necessary for simple websites and informative static websites. The blog is a dynamic part of the website. For many active and dynamic websites, it is an important part of them.

There are many advantages of having a blog at a website, among them:

1.To keep connecting with people 

Through blogging, you can connect with many people. Not only customers but many people who search the internet for knowledge and research can also be connected with you through your blog.

For example, if someone searches on the internet through search engines like google for “Difference between server and storage” they will find many blogs for the title, among them a post from Web House Nepal appears at the first position of google (reference date 20-Feb-2021) and they will study it. 

This means they are connected with Web House Nepal through their blog. 

Not only through search engines, but people can also be connected with them by subscribing for the next updates. 

In this way and many more ways, you can be connected and keep connecting with people through blogs.

2.To promote your brand

When you write on your website and share it means you are promoting your brand. As discussed in the previous point, while you connect with people with blogs from your website, you are automatically promoting your brand. 

Let's look at the example above when you are reading an article, the article is in the blog section of the website. This website has a business logo, a domain name obviously related to your business name, and many more ways for readers to be familiar with your business name. It is brand promotion through the blog. 

Many businesses have good budgets and efforts for brand awareness. Brand awareness is a very important element of the business. Besides sales, brand promotion is the next goal of marketing. 

As part of the marketing for the promotion of the brand, many businesses write and keep sharing blogs through their website. 

3.To help to grow your website ranking at search engines.

Optimization is the most important thing for the website. And we know what is SEO and why this is needed for the website.  SEO is the most stable and successful marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization brings a genuine client to your website. Through SEO, only needed clients will reach your website by searching at search engines, like google yahoo, etc.

To increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic, as well as exposure to your brand (without payment) blogs need to be written continuously.

4.To share knowledge and experiences

Usually, blogs are used to write, share experiences. Not only sharing ideas and experiences, but you can also share your research from blogs. It is a good way to share and collect research. And also your blog can be a good resource for other people who are looking after related domains.

5.To show your activeness at the website and social media

If you keep updating something on the website, your visitor will have a positive vibe for your website and your online presence. It will be one more reliable factor to trust your website or the content of the website to communicate further.

There are many websites that are just built and left. They do not update for a long time. This type of outdated website gives wrong information about the business. So by updating the blog on the website you can show your activeness with your website.

Almost none of us is far from social media. Beyond your personal posting social media has become a good platform to share your product and service also. Updating on social media is a part of marketing.

If you write something on a website you can share it on social media. It will help to reach more people. It is a good way to increase social awareness about the product or service that you provide.


Writing a blog itself has many advantages. It is not only sharing of knowledge it is gaining good knowledge too. When you start to write a blog you need to have good research. 

Utilizing blogs properly will increase reach and brand awareness, boost your rank at search engines like google, bing,  increase engagement and build a good relationship with a company’s customers.