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Are SEO and Digital Marketing the same thing?

This is the era of digital marketing. We found that many web users have confusion about digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization ). We can say that SEO is part of digital marketing. SEO is done for digital marketing. SEO for digital marketing is essential these days.

In simple understanding, it’s not the same thing, but part of each other. By structure-wise, we will explain how they are related and part of each other. And finally, we will see how and why they are not the same thing.

seo and digital marketing

Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is that word which is carrying its definition with itself. Marketing with digital platforms is digital marketing. It is a Strategy to reach a potential customer through the digital medium. 

As living in the digital world, digital marketing is the only way to make your business sustainable, and it is the only way to reach more customers with brand awareness. 

It is easy to say and define digital marketing from the word. Challenging part of it is to say what things include by digital marketing, how does it work and what is the benefit for the business. Digital marketing can be done in many ways. Among them, we will discuss the essential and central parts.

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Parts of digital marketing:

  1. SEO

  2. Social Media marketing 

  3. Email marketing 

  4. Digital ads ( PPC, SEM)


From a previous blog, you can see what SEO, why SEO is essential for the business is, now we will stay around SEO and digital marketing. 

Many people think SEO is the synonym of digital marketing, but it is wrong. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a strategy to bring up your website on search results at the search engines like google, bing, yahoo, etc.

If you care about organic traffic on a website, SEO is the only way for organic traffic. You can get the potential customer from it through the digital medium. 

It helps you to display your products or services through search engines. So SEO is also an essential part of digital marketing.


2.Social Media Marketing 

Nowadays, everyone is linked with social media, so social media can use to reach many customers. You can create offers on your products or services and share on social media.

Social media is perfect for brand awareness as well for the selling of the products. We have popular social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In this way, we can use social media for marketing; social media marketing is also a part of digital marketing.

If you have a unique product or an idea, the customer will not come to you by searching themselves; you have to expose them. For this, social media is beneficial.

3.Email marketing

While we are talking about internet marketing, email marketing is also a topic that we have to speak. Still, many companies use email marketing to reach customers and to sell their products. At this marketing, you have to find and collect the targeted clients, and will create offers and will send them.

This concept is used widely as a newsletter also. Marketing can be done using the digital medium or email, so email marketing is also digital marketing.


4.Ads(Digital ads)

All the ads done through the internet, at the search engines and social media can determine as the Digital Ads. Ads through search engines go through PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and all the announcements from social media are as Campian. 

At PPC you have to pay per click, Suppose you had created the ad at google, and you have to pay Google as per the announcements. Charge and the strategy for the PPC come with differently with a different platform. 

Similarly, you can create ads on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. At this platform, you will pay as per the number of reaches. SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) is similar to PPC.

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Digital marketing is the marketing can be done on the internet or through the internet. And SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the strategy to bring up your website in the search results at the search engines. 

So SEO and Digital marketing is not the same thing, but part of each other.

SEO also a part of digital marketing, but it can't take the whole word digital marketing. Digital marketing is done using SEO, Social Media, etc in the digital world.