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IT Courses in Nepal

As an IT Profession, IT Graduated, IT Engineer I like to explore the IT Courses offered in Nepal by universities and the colleges. It is a growing  industry in the Country and still there are many questions we hear and need to face many times about the IT Courses, their differences, scope of them and many more. So in this article I will also try to list and explain the IT courses in Nepal.

Information Technology- IT Courses  are courses, classes which teach about information technology and its application in real life. No-one is disconnected from it, life becoming more and more easy for the information access. Information Technology has a direct impact on society and human life. Use of IT becoming the measurement tool of the development of society and nations.

As it impacts the direct everyday life of human beings, individual or business its scope is also increasing day by day. That is why many people like to choose IT as a major subject in their study. Many graduated from other fields also switching to IT as their career.

Any individual can not stay updated and can not be smart without information technology. Business can not grow and can not be managed without IT and its use in the daily operation. So  IT is becoming more and more friendly with life and being part of every human being and business. That is why IT courses are also important and popular among us in Nepal.

There are many IT courses running in Nepal among them I will categorise them with Bachelor and Master. I will try to list the colleges and universities who offering IT courses in Nepal.

IT Courses in Nepal

IT Courses for Bachelor Degree in Nepal

These are the courses that are running the bachelor degree with information technology. For a Bachelor degree there are certain criteria like 4 years for bachelor, and these courses and colleges can meet the requirements to get a bachelor degree.

There are many foreign degrees running by many colleges. Some meet the requirement to get the bachelor degree in Nepal and some do not so students and parents need to be very careful about it. 


So here are the IT Courses in Nepal for the Bachelor degree:

  • BEIT(Bachelor in Engineering in Information Technology)

  • Bsc CSIT(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology)

  • BIT(Bachelor of Information Technology)

  • BIM(Bachelor of Information Management))

  • BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application)

  • BEd ICT(Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology)

  • BSc CS(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)

These above listed courses are the IT courses that fulfil the requirements for obtaining a bachelor's degree in Nepal runing by Nepali Universiies and colleges. But also there are many other IT courses affiliated with various foreign universities spanning a duration of three years, and do not qualify for a bachelor's degree in Nepal.


BEIT(Bachelor in Engineering in Information Technology)

"Only Engineering in Information Technology," as stated previously, refers to the Bachelor in Engineering in Information Technology (BEIT). This program uniquely grants both an engineering degree from the University and licensure from the Nepal Engineering Council. Moreover, it is the sole course within the realm of Information Technology that permits the use of the honorific "Er." preceding one's name. 

BEIT is a comprehensive blend of Information Technology and engineering principles, encompassing programming, networking, electronics, communications, and mathematics among its core subjects. Mathematics serves as an integral component, as no engineering curriculum is complete without its inclusion. Thus, BEIT offers a holistic education, combining elements of programming, mathematics, electronics, management, and more.

Universities and colleges who offering BEIT is:

Uiversities and collegs offering BEIT
Pokhara University NCIT
  Cosmos College of  Management and Technology
  Everest College
  Nepal Engineering College


BEIT Subjects-Curriculum:

BEIT is a four year course with 8 semesters. Semester wise with the subjects of BEIT, curriculum of the BEIT:

Semester I Semester II
Applied Physics Engineering Drawing
Basic Electrical Engineering Engineering Mathematics II
Calculus I Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
Electronic Devices and Circuit Network Theory
Problem Solving Techniques Object Oriented Software Engineering
Programming in C  


Semester III Semester IV
Logic Circuit Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming
Engineering Mathematics III Engineering Mathematics IV
Electronic Circuit and Instrumentation Database Management Systems
Data Structure and Algorithms Programming in JAVA
Web Technology Project I
Probability and Queuing Theory Software Engineering Fundamentals


Semester V Semester VI
Applied Operating Systems Computer Graphics
Organization and Management Computer Network
Computer Organisation and Architecture Information Systems
Numerical Methods Object Oriented Design and Modeling through UML
Principles of Communication Intelligence System
Signals, Systems & Processing Project II


Semester VII Semester VIII
Elective-I Elective II
ICT Project Management Engineering Economics
Multimedia Systems Mobile and Wireless Communication
Network Programming Project III
Telecommunications Social & Professional Issues in IT
Business processing and IT Strategy  




Bsc CSIT(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology)

BSc CSIT is one the popular IT courses in Nepal. This program is a comprehensive academic endeavour aimed at equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic field of computing.

This four year bachelor course integrates theoretical concepts with practical applications, covering a wide range of subjects such as computer programming, database management, software engineering, networking, and information systems. With a focus on fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and innovation, the BSc CSIT curriculum prepares students to tackle real-world challenges in various industries.

Throughout the BSc CSIT course, students engage in hands-on projects, internships, and research opportunities, enabling them to gain valuable experience and build a strong foundation for their future careers. Additionally, the program emphasises the importance of collaboration, communication, and lifelong learning, nurturing well-rounded professionals capable of adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of information technology. Graduates of the BSc CSIT program emerge as proficient software developers, system analysts, network administrators, and IT consultants.


Univerisities and Colleges for BSc CSIT

Universities and Colleges who offering the BSc CSIT
Universities Colleges
Tribhuvan University Kathford International College of Engineering and Management
  Prime College
  Himalaya College of Engineering
  St. Xavier's College
  Patan Multiple Campus
  Amrit Science Campus
  Madan Bhandari Memorial College
  Nagarjuna College of IT
  Trinity International College
  Texas International College
  TU Institute of Science and Technology
  Ambition College
  New Summit College
  Kathmandu BernHardt College
  Orchid International College


BSc CSIT course structure and curriculum:

Semester I Semester II
Introduction to Information Technology Discrete Structure
C Programming Object-Oriented Programming
Digital Logic Microprocessor
Mathematics Mathematics II
Physics Statistics I


Semester III Semester IV
Data Structure and Algorithm Theory of Computation
Numerical Method Computer Networks
Computer Architecture Operating Systems
Computer Graphics Database Management System
Statistics II Artificial Intelligence


Semester V Semester VI
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Software Engineering
System Analysis and Design Compiler Design and Construction
Cryptography E-Governance
Simulation and Modeling NET Centric Computing
Web Technology Technical Writing
Elective I Elective II


Semester VII Semester VIII
Advanced Java Programming Advanced Database
Data Warehousing and Data Mining Internship
Principles of Management Elective IV
Project Work Elective V
Elective III  



BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology)

The Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program spans four years and is offered by TU, PU, Purbanchal University in Nepal. BIT is offered by many foreign universities also. This course aspiring for careers in networking or systems. BIT emphasises networking, data communication, and computer systems, distinguishing itself through a robust array of network-related courses.

While core computer curriculum may overlap with other programs, BIT uniquely integrates numerous network-focused subjects. Graduates of BIT are equipped for roles such as network administrator, system administrator, or network security specialist. Although software development is an option, the program's primary emphasis lies outside programming.


Universities who offering BIT is:

  • Tribhuwan University

  • Pokhara University

  • Purpanchal University


Colleges who offering BIT is:

  • Birendra Multiple Campus

  • Amrit Science Campus

  • Bhaktapur Multiple Campus

  • Pata Multiple Campus

  • Himalayan Whitehouse International College

  • CITE-College of Information Technology and Engineering

  • KIST College

  • Kantipur City College

  • Purbanchal University School of Engineering and Technology

These are the colleges who offer the BIT courses in Nepal by Nepali Universites. Among above colleges there are many other colleges who offer BIT courses.


BIM(Bachelor of Information Management)

The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) program, offered by Tribhuvan University, spans four years (eight semesters) and integrates IT and management courses.

BIM aims to cultivate students' proficiency in information technology while equipping them with the necessary skills for decision-making roles. This interdisciplinary field encompasses the study of information and communication systems in business and administration, with increasing relevance across various domains.

Through BIM, students delve into theories, models, and tools for analysing, configuring, and utilising information systems, drawing upon principles from business administration, economics, and computer science. Additionally, the program adopts a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating courses from disciplines such as management, economics, computer science, psychology, and sociology.

BIM is tailored to produce socially responsible, scientifically adept, and outcome-driven IT professionals. It endeavours to furnish students with the requisite skills and attributes essential for success in the dynamic realm of information technology.


List of colleges and universities offering BIM in Nepal:

List of colleges and universities offering BIM in Nepal:
Universities Collegs
Tribhuvan University Birendra Multiple Campus
  St. Xavier's College
  Nagarjuna College of IT
  Prime College
  Morgan International College
  College of Applied Business
  Asian School of Management and Technology
  Institute of Management Studies
  National College of Computer Studies
  Hetauda Campus
  Thames International College
  Orchid International College
  Kantipur College of Management and Information Technology(KCMIT)


BIM Course syllabus:

Semester I Semester II
English I Digital Logic
Foundation of Information Technology Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
C Programming Object Oriented Programming with Java
Foundation of Business Management Discrete Structure
Basic Mathematics Business Communications


Semester III Semester IV
Financial Accounting Economics for Business
Microprocessor and Computer Architecture Business Data Communication and Networking
Web Technology I Operating System
Data Structure and Algorithms Web Technology II
Business Statistics Database Management System


Semester V Semester VI
Software Design and Development Business Information Systems
Programming with Python Business Research Methods
Information Security Business Environment
Artificial Intelligence Project
Fundamentals of Marketing IT Ethics and Cybersecurity
  Fundamentals of Corporate Finance


Semester VII Semester VIII
Strategic Management Elective II
Business Intelligence Economics of Information and Communication
Elective I Internship
E-Commerce and Internet Marketing Digital Economy
Sociology for Business Management Cost and Management Accounting
Operations Management  



BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application)

The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a four-year degree program offered by TU, PU, Purbanchal, and other universities in Nepal. This program primarily emphasises application development, preparing students for careers as software developers upon completion. Additionally, graduates have opportunities in diverse fields such as design and multimedia, networking, network security, and system administration.

While core computer courses are consistent across various computer-related degrees, each program has its distinct focus. In the case of BCA, the curriculum is heavily geared towards programming. Throughout the program, students engage with numerous programming languages and undertake multiple projects using these languages. In the final semester, students are required to participate in internships within IT industries, aligning with their specific areas of interest.



BEd ICT(Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology)

The Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology (BEd ICT) is an undergraduate program offered by Tribhuvan University through its Faculty of Education. This 4-year semester-based program spans over 8 semesters, totaling 138 credit hours. The curriculum is structured with 12 credit hours dedicated to communication skills courses, 24 credit hours for educational core courses, 60 credit hours for specialized major subjects, 30 credit hours for minor subjects, and 9 credit hours allocated for teaching internship/practicum.

BEd ICT Education is designed to familiarize students with modern educational systems and computer science, emphasizing the use of information and communication technology. Key subjects covered include Information Technology, C/C++ Programming, Psychology, Fundamentals & Technology in Education, Java Programming Language, Database Management System, Data Communication, and Artificial Intelligence.

Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus

Universities Colleges
Tribhuwan University Mahendra Ratna Campus
  Balkumari College
  Birendra Multiple Campus
  Butwal Multiple Campus



BSc CS(Bachelor of Science in Computer Science)

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science(BSc CS) is a four-year, eight-semester program offered by Kathmandu University. Each year, KU admits 40 students into this program.

The field of Computer Science encompasses a broad spectrum, ranging from its theoretical and algorithmic foundations to cutting-edge advancements in robotics, computer vision, intelligent systems, bioinformatics, and other dynamic areas beside computer and IT.

As per the their website the responsibilities of a Computer Science graduate can be categorised into three main areas:

  1. Developing effective solutions for computing challenges.

  2. Pioneering innovative uses of computers.

  3. Designing and implementing software solutions.

They provide a a limited number of scholarships for academically excellent and financially disadvantaged students. Applicants seeking financial assistance must submit their applications at the time of admission.

Universities who offering BSc CS is:

  • Kathmandu University


Colleges who offering BSc CS is:

  • Kathmandu University School of Science



IT Courses for Master  Degree in Nepal

These are the Master's degree courses available in Information Technology (IT) in Nepal. Pursuing a Master's degree in IT typically requires specific criteria such as a Bachelor's degree in a related field and a certain duration of study. It's important for students and parents to thoroughly research and ensure that the chosen course and institution meet the necessary requirements for obtaining a Master's degree. 

Here are the IT courses in Nepal at the Master's degree level offering by Nepali Universities and colleges



The Master of Computer Science (MCS) program is offered by Pokhara University (PU). Which is twenty-four months course with 4 semesters, encompassing a comprehensive curriculum totaling sixty hours of coursework. With a commitment to flexibility and practicality, the program presents a diverse range of core and elective subjects tailored to meet the evolving demands of the field.

During the semesters, students delve into foundational courses such as Advanced Data & File Structure, Software Engineering, Advanced Problem Solving Techniques, Digital Logic and Organization, and Discrete Structure. Subsequently, the second semester features essential topics including Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Data Communication and Networking, Operating Systems, Advanced Computer Architecture, and Theory of Computation.

Similarly students explore advanced subjects such as Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Principles of Programming Languages, and Database Engineering, alongside the freedom to select elective courses aligned with their interests and career aspirations. The final semester is dedicated to project work, further exploration into areas such as Data Mining, and the opportunity to pursue additional elective courses, culminating in a well-rounded educational experience that equips graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in the dynamic field of computer science.


Universities who offering BIT is:

  • Pokhara University


Colleges who offering BIT is:

  • NCIT

  • Nepal Engineering College



The M.Sc. the program in Computer Science and Information Technology is meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the curriculum of esteemed international universities. It caters primarily to students who have completed their undergraduate studies in the B.Sc. Computer Science program at Tribhuvan University.

Alongside the standard core courses, this program also incorporates service courses to address the growing demand for high-technology applications. The foundational and core courses are specifically tailored to fulfill the requirements of a graduate-level program, while the service courses are structured to adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape of computer technology and its applications.

Students enrolled in the graduate program are mandated to undertake courses focusing on the design and implementation of computer software systems, a thorough understanding of the theoretical models underpinning computer science, and a comprehensive grasp of the functional aspects of computer hardware. A key requirement for graduation entails the completion of 40 credit hours dedicated to computer science courses. This holistic approach ensures that graduates are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-changing field of computer science and information technology.

Universities who offering BIT is:

  • Tribhuvan University


Colleges who offering BIT is:

  • Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology | Tribhuvan University


MIT (Master of Information Technology)

The curriculum of the Masters in Information Technology (MIT) is meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the courses offered by accredited international universities. This curriculum is tailored to cater to students primarily from diverse backgrounds such as Bachelor's degrees in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computer Applications, Information Management, or Information Systems.

The Masters in Information Technology program aims to equip students with the requisite knowledge, understanding, and research skills to effectively tackle real-world challenges using state-of-the-art technology. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students are immersed in both theoretical concepts and practical applications, preparing them to become adept problem-solvers and innovators in the field of information technology.


Universities who offering MIT is:

  • Tribhuvan University

Colleges who offering MIT is:

  • Patan Multiple Campus

  • Amrit Science Campus

  • Padma Kanya multiple campus

  • Bhaktapur Multiple campus

  • Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology | Tribhuvan University



The Master of Education (MEd) in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Education is a postgraduate degree program aimed at fostering the seamless integration of technology within educational settings. This comprehensive program delves into various aspects including instructional design, curriculum development, and the utilisation of diverse technological tools and platforms in educational contexts.

Students enrolled in the program engage in rigorous coursework designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning environments. Upon completion, graduates emerge with the ability to adeptly design and implement technology-enhanced educational experiences while also possessing the capacity to assess the efficacy of these methodologies.

Universities who offering BIT is:

  • Tribhuvan University


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Compiled by: Er. DB Ghale, Web House Nepal

Date: March-2024

Resources: Official website of Tribhuvan Universiry, Pokhara University, Kathmandu University,  Purpanchal Universirt, Colleges Nepal, Edusanjal, CollegeNp..

Your feedback regarding any missed mention of IT courses for bachelor's and master's degrees offered by Nepali universities would be greatly appreciated.