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SEO Checking Tools and Website Optimization Tools

We have been talking about the website, what is the website, types of the website, why the website is needed, etc. Only having a website is not a great thing; well optimization and management of it are more important than development.

Optimization of the website is an essential part. As living in a digital world with digital business and communication, digital marketing is the next step for your business. So this optimization of the website is the central part of digital marketing.

You have to check your website is well optimized or not. Today we are going to talk about those tools from where you can check the optimization status of your website. This can be named as the SEO checking tools as well as the optimization checking tools.

These tools will help you to check the SEO status of the website. Most of them will help you to grow your SEO status through their recommendation.

There are many factors which affect the optimization of website, like loading speed of the site, content, server, source code management of the website, involvement at social media and others.   

Why SEO is important for business ?

Now we will look at some tools from where you can check your website SEO status. There are many tools, but among them we will see with the following tools:


While we are talking about SEO or optimization, Google is the first search engine that comes to mind. Sure you will try your best to meet the requirement for the google. There are many things from google, which can help you to manage and increase the optimization status of the website.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the most popular tool for website traffic analysis tool. This is the free tool provided by Google. From this tool, you can check all the things related to the traffic or visitors of your website.

Google search console

This is the most powerful tool provided by Google. The only way to submit your website to Google is google search console. This tool keeps checking the status of the site, the state of URL etc. If you care about your website, this tool is the most important thing to keep your website healthy at google.

Google Keyword planner

If you are working for ranking of the website on google, you need to know, on which keywords you need to work. There are many things you need to know, keyword position at the search engines, keywords search density, and more matters related to the keyword. These things can be done very quickly with google keyword planner.


The Mozbar is a very powerful and free tool to analyse the search engine optimization status of your website. It will help you to find out the very critical issues of your website and helps to improve it. Not only can this tool save your precious time, but it also gives you valuable and actionable insights that help inform your Search Engine Optimization decisions.

Mozbar also creates domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA). DA and PA play a vital role in the ranking of the website on search engines. Generally, we can use Mozbar for:

  • Ranking on the search engines

  • Specific page authority(PA) and domain authority(DA)

  • Information and link analysis

  • Social media metrics

Neil Patel SEO Analyzer

Neil Patel SEO analyzer is also a popular Free SEO analyzer tool. It helps to identify the position of your website at specific keywords. This tool provides you with the content idea, keyword ideas for the site. Also, from this tool, you can find your backlinks, your growing status and many others.


Among the top SEO analyzer tool, SEMrush also comes at first rank. This is also a free tool to analyze the SEO status of your website, so it even counts as the website audit tool. SEMrush will provide you with the keyword idea, content idea and many more.


Personally, we have been walking with this fantastic tool for a year. 

Seositecheckup is also a free SEO analyzer tool. It will help to analyze your on-page and off-page SEO status of your website. This SEO tool is not only for analysis of the website; this is a useful guide for the SEO.

Alexa RAnking 

Alexa RAnking is the free tool to use for SEO and analysis of website provided by Amazon. This tool is mostly used by the people that have to rank their site compared to another. This tool provides All the metric related to the site. The national rank international rank of your website, competitor and their status can analyse using this tool. Relevant keyword, competitor keywords, keyword gap, bounce rate and most of all things needed to explain for website provides by this tool. 

Small SEO tools 

Small SEO tool is a handy tool for SEO. This tool is free and trustworthy. SEO status, backlinks, content, domain authority page authority, etc. can be checked from this tool. 


Ahref is another trustable tool to use for SEO and related things. Ahref is an excellent tool, but you can apply some basic features for free too. This will help you to identify your competitors, their links, keyword with comparing yours.


Seoptimer is also a free SEO analyzer tool. It will help to analyze your SEO status with the grade. This too is very useful yo see your website status as well website performance, website usability, loading speed, keyword density etc. If you come with all the suggestion of this tool, your website can get easily ranked at search engines.