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Types of Websites with Examples

According to the Netcraft, January 2018 Web Server Survey, there are 1,805,260,010 (over 1.8 billion) websites. Categorizing these numbers is not easy, because there are a huge number of websites that we can not predict their functions because the types of websites  is based on their functions and technical terms.



While we categorizing websites, the most important and popular categories are static and dynamic. If you have involved technically with web-related fields you may hear only these two types of websites.

  1. Static

  2. Dynamic


A static website is that type of website which does not have a content management system(CMS). This means you can not manage the content of the website as you need, you can not add, edit and delete the content of the website. 

If you want to change something on it, suppose you want to change the phone number on the website you have to tell your web designer to make change it.

Even after completion of the website you have to make frequent contact with the designer for changes any things. This type of website is a static website.


A dynamic website is a type of website which has a content management system(CMS). You can manage the content of the website as you need, you can add, edit and delete the content of the website.

 If you want to edit the contact details of your website you can change yourself from your end at any time. To make changes to the content of the website you do not need to contact your developer for a dynamic website.

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Websites can be categorized in terms of functions they can perform. Functions of the website developed as per the requirement. So it can be categorized as per the features of the website. 

In terms of functionality, there are the following types of websites:

  1. 1: Personal

  2. 2: Portfolio

  3. 3: Business

  4. 4: Content (blogs, Wes,media)

  5. 5: Forum

  6. 6: Knowledge base

  7. 7: Social networks

  8. 8: E-commerce

  9. 9: Entertainment 

  10. 10: Landing page 

  11. 11: Brochure 

  12. 12: Directory

  13. 13: Fraud websites


This type of website belongs to a person. Which includes the information about him/her. It may include who he is, what he is doing, what he has done, mission vision, maybe skills, cv, etc. for example of a personal website is dbghale.com.np.

Also, we can find that some personal website has developed to use for other purposes.

personal website


A portfolio website is designed to show past work. Especially freelancers and the people who want to be hired by their skills and experience portfolio website is most important for them.

That type of website where you can display the good works that you have done at the past time or the customer that you have been providing services is a portfolio website.


A business website is any website that’s dedicated to representing a particular business. Even small local businesses need a simple online presence to be taken seriously in today’s digitally-minded world.

The website for the specific business, which provides all information name, brand, products/services, customers, offers, contact details, and more.

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The website contains news, articles, stories, reporting and other same types. The main purpose of a content website is to post and keep posting something. All the news portal website, all blogs, all media websites are the example of the content website. 


The website is designed and developed to make discussion at a certain subject. Where anyone can ask questions and can answer. This type of website is a kind of educational website.

There are lots of websites where we can ask any questions and can get the answer from the experts. The best example of the forum website is Quora, stackoverflow, etc.


Educational websites are sites devoted to providing some useful information. That type of website where we can learn many things, anyone can learn and study from such types of websites. Some educational website provides a course also, so we can go there and can learn from there.

7.Social Network

The website developed to connect and share with the people. Social network websites are widely used for directly and indirectly communication purposes. This is the best platform to share your thoughts and situations with the people around you. Facebook, Twitter is the best example of a social network.


The website created to sell something online. At the e-commerce website, we can buy and sell products. This is the one main business website. While we are going through the name, these are an electronic commerce website where we can buy and sell the goods.

Amazon, Alibaba, Daraz is the best example of the e-commerce website.



Entertainment websites are sites devoted to providing some entertainment. This type of website makes you some fun while you browse them.

10.Landing Page

A landing page is that kind of website, where you can make as a bridge to your real product and the customer. The major goal for all your landing pages is to turn site visitors into leads.

If you have an Android and IOS App for some of your business and this landing page will tell and provide the links of that app for download. So we can say that the landing page is designed just for Call To Action. 

11.Brochure Website 

A brochure website is a very very basic business website. If you want to make a website for the business just to make the online presence of it including a few details and the contact details. 


This is the listing website. Directory website has a category-wise listing of the things. It might be a business, organization, and everything. 

There is the catalog website where you can find the business with a well-organized category for certain area. YellowPage websites are example of directory website 


12.Fraud Website

The website developed for fraud actions. The best example of the fraud website is the phishing website. This website aims to steal your private information and other things from you. 

All the websites designed and developed to make unfair acts with you, directly and indirectly, are fraud website.

These are the categories of the website based on the functions they perform. There may have many different categories of website but basically, we can see this type of website around us.