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What is UI/UX Design ?

UI and UX are two of the most used technical terms in web and app designing and are mostly placed together as UI/UX design. UI is an abbreviation of User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. It is found that often people misinterpret them and believe that they both are the same, while they are different from each other but have a great impact on one another. 

In this article, we will be shedding light on different aspects of UI and UX so that you can have a clear idea about what they are and how important they are. 


What is UI Design?

User Interface (UI) design is a graphical layout or visual appearance of a website or an application where several elements make it easy for the users to interact. Buttons or icons where visitors can click on for further processes, entry fields, texts that readers go through to get information about some specific thing, eye-catchy images and colors are few elements of UI.

A UI designer is the one who is responsible for giving a proper look to a website/application by using the appropriate theme, color, icons, and buttons that perfectly match the type of the product.

What sorts of features the application or website will have and how it will look on different screens is tasked to the UI designer. The main purpose of a UI designer is to build a better user interface for a website or app so that it can provide a better user experience. 


What is UX Design?

User experience is about how the user interface operates. So, it largely depends upon how well the user interface designer has designed the website or application and how easy or hard it is for the users to interact with it. The main purpose of UX design is to provide a better experience to users.

A UX is a process that a team of designers follows to obtain a product that provides a valuable and relevant experience to its users. A UX designer follows different strategies from research to planning, development, and deployment of the application. Rather than focusing on the visual appearance, it focuses on the overall feeling, emotion, and experience of the users. 

A UX designer begins the process of user experience designing by conducting research and developing plans regarding how the product and its elements will work and how to make them convenient and enjoyable to the users. Then the designer runs workshops, analyses data and runs tests step by step.

The UX designer mainly focuses on three factors; must meet the end-users needs, must be easy to use, and must give the users control and freedom so that the product is comfortable and captivating to all the users and make them use it time and again.

So to conclude with UI and UX design, UI represents the layout that contains different static and dynamic visual elements that allow the users to interact with a product. But, on the other hand, UX is directly concerned with how the user feels throughout the journey of using that application or product. The main purpose of a user interface is to provide the users with a more usable and appealing product, whereas the purpose of the user experience is to make the journey of users enjoyable and convenient.

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