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What makes a good website?

Creating a website on the current date is not as difficult as it used to be in the past. There are different options to build websites these days. One does not need to be highly skilled in programming and coding to build an online presence.

With the use of different site builders, low to no technically skilled people can build websites for their personal or professional purpose. However, there are different factors you need to take care of to attract visitors to your website.

Though it's not a big deal to build a website nowadays, there are many things that can attract or distract visitors to your website. If you are new to website creation, you might be a little unknown of these factors. Despite the availability of all the components that you need for building a perfect website, the way you manipulate them matters a lot.

In this article, we will be talking about the factors that make a good website.


Logo That Reflects Your Brand
Whether you are from those who are familiar with website creation or not, you must have heard the word ‘logo’ someday right? Logos are not only used in websites but they are used in the goods that physically exist too. It works as an identity of a brand and represents the brand as a whole, whether the brand is related to goods or services.

Have you ever checked out the image of an apple on an iPhone, a tick mark on Nike shoes, and 3 stripes on Adidas shoes and t-shirts? All these are logos of the mentioned brands. These are supposed to be unique and are not allowed to be copied by any other brand.

You need to be very careful while creating or selecting the logo for your brand. A logo must be simple and memorable. It should be able to represent your brand and directly relate to its product or services. The logo should be very catchy such that it easily gets set in everyone’s memory and visitors get easily connected to your brand.


The template is the other major factor that attracts visitors to your website. Template refers to the layout of your website. If you are beginning the process of building a website through a site builder, you are provided with multiple options of template designs that match your business type. Or else, you may assign a designer to make a template for your site.
Whichever is the case, the appearance of your website template should be appealing to your website and visitors. The layout or template of a website has a great influence on the behaviour of visitors. A good-looking template that features all the components properly, creates a positive impact on the visitors.


Appropriate Font Style
There’s no specific rule regarding the use of fonts for websites. However, the font styles you use on your website do matter to the viewers.
You will be provided with multiple options of font styles if you are building a website through a site builder. It’s all in your hand, whichever font style you would like to use on your website, you may choose and apply it.

You must be very choosy while selecting fonts and be sure that the selected fonts provide a better customer experience. Inappropriate font styles make the texts seem unmatched or boring and may provide a bad customer experience


Use of Suitable Images and Videos
Images and videos are very helpful to the websites and their visitors as well. They define the sort of product or service you provide to your customers visually.

Have you ever realized that you may forget what you have read recently or some time ago, but the images or videos get set in your mind easily and are easy to remember? Yes, it’s true.

Likewise, the images or videos available on your site are more capable of explaining your products and services to your customers in comparison to the texts. Moreover, they are capable of attracting more visitors to your websites due to their easily understandable aspects.


Fast Page-Load Speed
Page-load speed refers to the duration that a page takes to load its content and is directly related to the customer experience. The more quickly your page loads, the more likely visitors would stay on your page.
For example, if a user is checking out for the best holiday destinations in 2021 and he happens to click on your page link that appeared on the search result. At that time, if your page opens promptly, the visitor would read out your article. But on the contrary, if the page takes a long time to load, the visitor will most possibly leave the page and move on to another page link available on the search result.

You can check your website page load speed from here.

In addition, you need to have a sitemap on your website that you can generate from free online sitemap generator tools.

In conclusion, every single component on your website directly or indirectly works on attracting, retaining or distracting the audiences to your website. So, before you could begin building a website for your business, you need to research how the components affect the appearance of your website and what makes an appealing website. Focus on providing a positive customer experience through the available resources so that you can attract more audiences to your website.


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