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Why DA PA checker is important and how to check the Domain Authority of Websites

Technological advancements have made our lives easier. There are multiple tools available online that we can use to perform our daily tasks smartly in no time. These tools help us work more efficiently and effectively.

In this article, we'll be discussing why domain authority and page authority are important and how you can check the domain authority of the websites?

Before that, you'll need to understand what Domain authority and Page authority exactly are. Without further ado, let's get into it.


What is Domain Authority?

Whenever you develop any website there is a specific Domain Authority of that website. It simply tells us what the capability of your website domain is

Domain Authority is specifically a metric that was developed by Moz. Moz provides the ranking ability score to us.

There's a common confusion that Google has any linking with domain authority which I would like to clarify that there's no link between google and DA.

It depends on the number each domain gets. A greater number means a higher ability to rank on Search Engine. MOZ measures the DA score through your profile linking.

The website will rank higher if the DA number is higher. If we talk about 2 domains, the one having a higher DA number will have more ranking ability compared to the lowest one.


What is Page Authority?

There are different pages on any website that are the Page Authority of those websites. This is also a score which was developed by Moz, it tells us how well a page, product, or anything will rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Mostly, it is considered to check the page authority before stepping into the online market.

If you want to know the top browser search this tool is the best for acknowledging the scores of what website or which product is working best at that particular time.


Why DA PA checker is important?

It is important as the score is generated based on the backlinks, keyword ranking criteria, and traffic engagement of the website.

The website is firstly being measured on a scale of 1-100. The closer to 100 means high authority and the closer to 1 defines the less authority of the website. Different parameters test the authority of the website.

The data vary for each tool as it is not accurate data by Google.

Google has ranked each website according to its own algorithm at the backend nobody can know those exact criteria.

But these tool helps you identify the closest results. You cannot wholly rely on those results.

Tools like DA PA Checker are crucial in resulting of the website rankings, type of traffic, engagement of the website, keyword research, organic and inorganic traffic, number of views, user’s engagement.

In-depth research can be done using these tools.

Once you know all the criteria it gets easier for you to identify the market gaps and then choose the niche for your website.


How to check the Domain Authority of the websites?

There are much different online marketing, digital marketing, and SEO platforms available online that perform DA/PA checking tools.

You can use trustworthy sites for this purpose as it is really important to have a piece of accurate information.

It can be crucial for you to select out among those tools. You must know first what is the criteria you need?

Then select wisely which tool can best work for you. You can try the online DA PA checker as well.

To access domain authority you just have to open the website and then enter the URL link of the website you want to check the domain authority.

  • After adding a link the results will be generated on your screen.
  • You can access the DA limit and the spam score of the website.
  • Then shows the number of websites being tested.
  • Now, you'll see the web page links and their DA and PA.
  • The SS which is the spam score is visible in the next section.



In this way, you can check the DA and PA of the websites and work accordingly. Digital marketing is growing at a faster pace. We cannot perform each task by just assuming them.

There's are proper strategies that need to be followed.

Domain authority is one of the important factors that help to rank websites in the SERPS. In this way, we need to conduct short research about those factors which support high authority.

The domain authority can be recognized by the quality of the content of websites, backlinks the website has, inbound links, and guest posting. All these factors help any website to make its domain authority high.

On the other hand, Page authority is about the specific page of any website. It works the exactly same way as domain authority but is more specific. The factors which page authority includes are high authority domains, proper SEO optimization, and access to high-quality content and inbound links.

Page authority and Domain authority both play a crucial role in website ranking, traffic and engagement. In this way, you can smartly check the DA and PA of any website you want by using different tools available online. At the same time, you cannot wholly rely on their parameters as they are closer but not 100% accurate in terms of reliability.

-Eilla Watson