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Why is Digital Marketing important during the COVID-19 pandemic?

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of digital marketing has become more obvious to most businesses and individuals. It has been a tough time for all of us. A huge loss of human lives caused by the pandemic and decline of the global economy has led the world into a great downturn.

It has almost been more than one and a half years since COVID-19 was first discovered and we all are still compelled to take precautions to save our lives. It has affected a large part of the economy throughout the world as well.

In the context of businesses, it’s getting difficult for newcomers to start a business in this situation. And, even the ones that already exist are facing difficulties to sustain and survive. 

In this pandemic, where people cannot physically reach out to their customers, digital marketing has become a great platform for all businesses to promote their goods and services. It’s a safe and better way to promote your brand. Besides, the pandemic has let us know the real importance of digital marketing in today's date.

In the current situation, where we are not safe in public space and social distance has become mandatory, digital marketing is playing a vital role in sustaining our businesses. You are not safe to visit places for advertisement, promotion or sales but you can use digital marketing to utilize this time to the fullest. 

The pandemic has increased the need for digital marketing for all types of businesses. Let’s check out what benefits or impacts does digital marketing have and why is it important during COVID-19.

  • To sustain the business during this tough time

The major importance of online marketing during COVID-19 is, it’s quite advantageous in sustaining businesses in this tough time. The whole world has been facing many difficulties and most of the countries throughout the world have imposed a lockdown to take control over COVID-19. 

It has not only affected a single business but the whole category of business. Many businesses have collapsed due to the coronavirus and many businesses struggled or have been struggling a lot to get re-established. In this situation, digital marketing has been helping companies a lot. 

At the time of lockdown, when businesses cannot reach out to their clients personally, digital marketing has been helping to attract and bring in customers and make the businesses better-off. 

  • To utilize different marketing tools with more opportunities

Though digital marketing has been a major marketing platform for many businesses for a long time, its importance or benefits along with utilization of its varied tools has dramatically risen with COVID-19 pandemic.

 In case of digital marketing, you don't need to go to the doorsteps of customers for marketing, and bear the risk of COVID-19. There are multiple marketing tools available on the internet now, which allow you to reach out to a large group of customers digitally. 

With the availability of smartphones in everyone’s hands, people are more dependent on the internet these days. Whenever they need some product or any idea about anything, they search it on their browser. 

So in this situation, you can gain more customers if you focus on digital marketing. The more you improve the digital marketing of your products or services, the more chances there are to gain a large number of customers.

Social media marketing is another aspect of digital marketing that is highly efficient during this situation. We can see that most people; from children to adults, are active on social media. They use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. So you can focus on social media marketing like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, promotion through tiktok etc. to reach out to more customers. These platforms can easily flow your messages to your customers digitally and increase brand awareness and sales. 

Moreover, email marketing is also helping businesses to gain more customers and sustain them in this difficult situation. According to techjury.net, as of August 5, 2021, there are over 1.8 billion active users in Gmail. So email marketing has a great scope in this pandemic. 

  • All the competitors are going online

Realizing the beneficial aspects and advantages of internet marketing during this tough time of COVID-19, most of the businesses have vigorously moved towards it. Due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission, people have been using the internet most possibly for everything now. 

They prefer online learning, online shopping, online gathering and so on. Considering these factors many businesses are going online. They have started to build their online presence to attract more customers available on the internet.

 So when everything is getting online, it definitely would not be a good idea to adopt the traditional way of marketing. To make your brand distinguishable from all the competitors and to make the business stand in this situation, you must adopt the modern technique of marketing; digital marketing.