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WordPress Development in Nepal


WordPress is the best and well-known PHP framework introduced in May-27-2003. This is the best open source Content Management System (CMS) for the website. Not only does the WordPress CMS offer the best free templates and is practically useful to every business sector.

WordPress has plugins for the features, templates for the website and itself defined as a CMS comprising the whole part of the website and web app. If you purchased just hosting and domain and want to install a basic website.

WordPress allows you to create a website without any coding or technical experience. However, you must buy a domain name and hosting.


Some Key points:

Official Website: wordpress.org

Initially released: May 27, 2003

Written In: PHP

Founders: Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little

Sector: Web, Software

License: GPLv2 or Letter


WordPress is the king of technology for the web development world. Leading CMS for the website and web app. With the help of pre-built templates, plugins, and CMS, developers' lives are made easier. They do so through saving time. In addition to the developer, regular people without any technical expertise can create websites whatever they wish without the developer.


Why do people use WordPress for the Website?

Why is WordPress still so popular for web design and development? Why do they favor it for their web design? The following factors help us understand it as a benefit of WordPress. We've attempted to outline a few of the many benefits of WordPress here:

  • Open Source: Any WordPress Designer and WordPress Developer or user can use its code and customize it as they like.


  • User Friendly CMS: CMS of the WordPress is easy to use. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can manage the content of the website with any hassle.


  • Templates and Plugins: WordPress Designer and WordPress Developer have a good amount of resources to make their work easy and faster from the free Templates and Plugins for WordPress Website development.


  • No coding skill needed: To install WordPress or to make your website live you do not need any WordPress expertise. You must be able to purchase the domain and hosting and follow the instructions given by WordPress.


  • SEO Friendly: Web strategy without SEO is inadequate. Even well designed and developed website is useless if it is not well optimized. So, WordPress is SEO friendly itself and has several plugins for advanced SEO like Yoast Seo.


  • Big Community: WordPress has a big user base. We can quickly fix problems and ask for assistance from its forum and support.


  • Responsive Managed: The most crucial aspect of a website is its responsiveness. Nearly 80% of users are on mobile devices. WordPress is concerned about the website's responsiveness.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, it also has certain drawbacks related to security, data privacy, frequent updates, and other issues.



WordPress Development companies in Nepal

There are many WordPress design and development companies in Nepal. Nearly all web design and development companies are familiar with WordPress. Additionally, many businesses simply use WordPress as their web technology for web solutions.Due to its many benefits, WordPress is still the platform of choice for the majority of website owners today.

Like many other companies in Nepal, we Web House Nepal offers top WordPress Development Services. You can create amazing websites from WordPress for your business. CMS provided by WordPress is simply amazing. WordPress CMS is most stable and successful content management system in the world.


Freelance WordPress Designer and Developer

As per the Investopedia freelancer is an independent contractor. Freelancer is an individual who earns money on a per-job or per-task basis, usually freelancer is popular for short-term or project based work. So, any individual who develops a website independently with WordPress is Freelance WordPress developer. Those designers, designing websites and templates at WordPress are freelance WordPress Designer. Based on the work they do or complete tasks they will get paid. They can complete tasks from anywhere.

After Covid pandemic breakout the term “Freelance” has become more popular .During the pandemic many businesses failed, and many people lost their jobs. In this time many employees choose to work as a freelance Wordpress Web designer.


WordPress Development

What does WordPress Development mean?

It means WordPress Theme development or Plugin Development.

Theme is the main design and skeleton of the website. WordPress offers a huge number of themes and plugins. While plugins are the subthemes. It can be used as the features of a website. Plugin developed for any specific feature of the website.


Cost of WordPress Websites

There is a same answer whenever we inquire about the price of website design and development: “It depends”. Yes, it is true, it depends. It depends on the website's features. The time required for development is determined on the website's features. And the price will be determined according to that time frame or working weight.

Beside the features of the website, there are several other factor which may affect the Price of website development:

  • Features of website
  • Quality of the website
  • Experience of the developer
  • Number of revisions
  • Urgency
  • Content creation
  • Server
  • And more…


But in general, we have researched and listed the cost of web design and development from Nepalese Companies.Therefore, the price of designing and developing a WordPress website depends on the features, urgency, output quality, quantity of revisions, developer expertise, content, server, etc.