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The Importance of Content for SEO

Content is the most important aspect of SEO. People always view the content/information first on every website. Content is king. When we search something on the website we will see phrases,image, content, and for acknowledgment, we will further proceed for content to grab general known unknown information.

Posted By: Aasha KC

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Differences between Web Design and Web Development

Website design and website development both are parts that come at the web building process. Creating the structure of the website is a web design, the person who deals with the process is web designer. The process of making website functional for the website operator. Who works for web development is a web developer.

Posted By: DB Ghale

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Differences between Desktop Applications and Web Applications | Desktop Apps vs Web Apps

There are lots of apps floating around in the world today. Desktop applications are installed on a personal or work computer desktop. Web applications can be accessed through the Internet using browser. While both types of applications are software-based, there are fundamental differences between desktop and web applications.

Posted By: Web House Nepal

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cPanel Announces Collaboration with Google Cloud to Bring cPanel & WHM to Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

System Administrators, Web Hosting Providers can access cPanel & WHM for cloud servers and virtual machines with GCP Marketplace.

Posted By: CPanel

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What is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ? How does it work?

Search engine marketing is something that emerges from an aspect that would help to take care of SEO and paid search as well. With time, as new changes evolved, people started considering SEM as an activity that was more of a paid search.

Posted By: Acodez

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Domain Authority and Page Authority

While we are talking about SEO, domain authority [DA] is one thing that we can’t miss. Domain authority is the number that indicates the rating of the website. It ranks the domain based on several factors and gives them a score from 0 to 100.

Posted By: DB Ghale

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