Email Solutions in Nepal

In today's digital world, electronic mail, generally known as "email," has become the most common method of exchanging information. One or more digital files can be attached to an email and can be sent to multiple contacts at a time. It is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest means of communication.

Though it serves as a great means to communicate with friends and family, it has a more crucial role in businesses. It not only offers a quick exchange of information between employees and clients but also tracks overall incoming and outgoing communications in a business. Although there are lots of free email service providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc., we recommend business mail for every business type. An email address with is more professional and trustworthy than one with or similar ones. Furthermore, a business email helps in branding, creates a good impression on the receiver and includes several additional features like security, spam filters, backup and many more, which are generally lacking in the free ones.

Web House Nepal provides an extensive email solution for every type of business and has been the choice of more than a thousand happy clients.

Why Us:

● Custom emails

● Flexible and scalable storage

● Unlimited emails

● Matchless security and privacy

● Smart filters for spams, malwares and other harmful attachments

● Excellent user accounts management

● Easy migration

● Advance search, signatures and automatic responses

● Integration of calendar and other essential apps

● Great support

● Very reasonable price

Email services we prove:

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Girl in a jacket
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