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GSuite - Google Workspace

All-In-One Business Tools of communication and collaboration tools called G-Suite Service is modified into Google Workspace, and each of these versions' administrators are in charge of all the accounts connected to your corporate email. It provides video meetings, online document editing and storage, shared calendars, business professional email, and much more. We are the leading IT Company in Nepal, offering G-Suite services to manage your company's migration to Google WorkSpace, also known as G-Suite. It is a combo of Google Docs and Gmail that adds amazing new features. Utilising various Google technologies and one's own Google workplace with unlimited cloud storage is beneficial to a company.

Benefit of G Suite

Google Workspace (GSuite) offers you some of the best tools for communication, collaboration, security, and organisation, and these tools are needed by almost all businesses. Since the majority of the tools and services you can access through G Suite are free, it is cost-effective for even small businesses. Due to the additional costs involved, you cannot afford to buy and install the necessary software when you are managing a small business on a tight budget. But if you simply subscribe to G Suite and join up quickly, it will provide you access to a set of cost-free, cloud-based productivity and communication tools that are incredibly effective.

Read more and detail of benefit of GSuite for business

1. Domain-based G suite Business Email

With G Suite, you can have your own domain-based G Suite business email address for your company. With G Suite, every person in your company will have a business email address, and your company will own the email accounts that they use and the best thing is you can have the control and access over the employees once they leave the organisation.

All employees in your organization will have a customized email address at your own domain and also the email address yourname@yourdomain.com looks more professional than yourname@gmail.com.

2. Cloud Storage

G-Suite being more driven to meeting business requirements, it has increased storage space in Google Drive. The Basic plan of G Suite itself gives 30GB of storage space for each employee in your organisation. If you opt for Business or Enterprise plans you will get upto unlimited storage space. It is a cloud-based application, so you can access the data that is saved there from anywhere at any time. You can also free up storage space on your device and put it to better use.

3. Improved team collaboration

Your team members can work together in real-time on the same document using G Suite. On Docs, Sheets, and Slides, your team members will be able to collaborate, work simultaneously, and make necessary adjustments by commenting and editing. You may control who can view, update, or share the document by setting access rules for the users. As your team members edit the document, you can view it live and keep track of the changes made. You can access previous iterations of a document at any time because G Suite is cloud-based and keeps track of all modifications made. You can quickly see when and who made the modifications by looking.

4. Offline Capabilities

Yes, G-suite has enabled offline functionality so you can work on your Gmail, Drive, and Calendar when offline and access them from the cloud. Your G Suite administrator must authorise offline access through the Google Admin Console dashboard before you can access your files while offline. You should turn on offline access in your Drive settings before beginning to work on your files. In the offline mode, you will be able to make, modify, and leave comments. Once you are online again, your work and modifications will be instantly synced to the cloud. Similar to this, Gmail also allows offline reading, writing, and searching of email messages. Before using Gmail offline, you should enable it in your Gmail settings.Gmail automatically updates Gmail messages once your online connection is established.

5. Video conferencing

You may host webinars and video conferences using Google Meet, which provides all the functionality required. It has important features like screen sharing, recording choices, and a phone dial-in option for video conferences. You can exchange spreadsheets, papers, files, digital presentations, and anything else you wish to with the participants when you arrange a video meeting. This feature helps to connect with a click of a link or also share on google calendar and can join the meeting from anywhere, any device. The benefit is that it saves the cost of renting a video conference.

6. Shared calendar

Google Calendar will help you to stick to your schedule, manage your work, stay organised by scheduling calls, and setting due dates and reminders for all the projects. This feature helps to work in a team by setting a calendar to email for every days’ task and events. You can control who can view and who are restricted to view The best feature of Calendar is it allows you to create multiple calendars. You can share different calendars with different groups of people in your organisation.

7. Enhanced data security and Privacy

The Drive will include all the crucial data about your company, and the Drive's contents will be safely saved in the cloud. You can access all of your files and documents via the cloud, so you don't need to save them on your device. Occasionally, you could unintentionally lose your smartphone and be concerned about losing the data it contains. However, if your data is kept on the cloud, even if your device is lost, you need not worry about losing it. Data centres with specialised servers for increased security and performance are used to safely store your information. You won't have to worry about losing data even if your server breaks unexpectedly because everything is safely stored on the cloud. When you have a remote team and everyone is viewing the data from different locations, this is really helpful. A devoted group of security experts who work for G Suite stand by and safeguard your data.

What we can do for you:

Our goal is to help an organisation enhance a new branding of the digital office environment centralising the emails, We Web House can help in following ways:

o Direct purchase gsuite for you :

We can help anyone to purchase and manage the G Suite (Google Workspace) for you as per your requirement. So we can be your local GSuite service provider in Nepal.

o Apply educational GSuite (Google Work Space)

Google is providing free google work space for educational institutions with unlimited space. If you are an educational institution and willing to use this service we can help to get it.

And others..

Other Similar services

Like GSuite or Google Workspace also there are many other email services which we can assist you to manage.


Webmail is a web-based email service that can be accessed using a web browser, that doesn’t need any specialize software. Webmail accounts are an alternative to email services that need a specific workstation to function and are typically free. However, because webmail needs an internet connection to load the data, users cannot access their email when disconnected. Gmail, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, etc. are a few examples of well-known webmail services.

Office 365

Through collaboration technologies, Office 365 enables you to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and edit documents in real time. Exchange calendar sharing allows you to know who is available when, allowing you to organize meetings that are convenient for everyone the first time around.

Zoho Mail

"Reliable for your business" emails from Zoho A dependable and secure corporate email solution, Zoho Mail is built specifically for the communication requirements of your company. It's more than simply an inbox thanks to expanded collaboration tools.Use a powerful calendar, tasks, notes, and bookmarks to manage your daily work. Utilize these powerful capabilities to cooperate with your team and complete tasks swiftly. Your inbox stays tidy thanks to the flexible capabilities of Zoho Mail, which also offers a convenient user interface. And many more..

Set up and manage your organisation's email accounts on the move by using our feature-rich control panel. It is a cloud command centre that is accessible from any computer, any web browser, or the Zoho Mail Admin app.We're completely connected because Zapier and other other platforms are both integrated with Zoho Mail in addition to Zoho Apps

The requirement for this email solution is, Webmail is completely web based which means you can access it anywhere in the world provided you have an active internet connection. Webmail is entirely web-based, so as long as you have an active internet connection, you may access it from anywhere in the globe. Webmail is the best option for people who wish to stay in touch while on the go. Giving people access to it is consequently beneficial because it keeps you working without hassle.


Every business needs an email gateways to send,receive email,save documents,use various MS- tools like word,excel,powerpoint ,drive etc. With over years of development in information technology the time and technology is changing to meet the requirements of small ,medium and large businesses.

In recent times there is an ongoing debate about which is the best communication tools for an organisation, the research result showed office 365 is widely used but is popular among the older and larger company.That makes sense, those companies were established during Microsoft’s Office reign.

New companies, however, seem to be adopting G Suite in an overwhelming majority.It widely preferred because it gives a company access to gmail accounts and the suite of office products in a more professional way.


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