Hotel Management System

Our hotel management system has the following features, which will make hotel or guest house more digital. This system is developed to make the execution easy as well to track all the activities of the restaurant. Being a web-based system, you will be able to access all activities in your hotel from every corner of the world. This hotel management system is for analysis of the sales, customer, staff, profit, loss, etc.

The system is designed and developed for Guest House, Resort, and at all kinds of hotels, whether it is small or big.

This system includes the following features:


Room Management

The room is the main factor of the hotel, so the admin can manage the office and room detail as they need. Usually, admin can add, edit, and delete the rooms as per need, with the room number, type, room detail, etc.


Table Management

The hotel will also function as a restaurant, so the owner will have to manage the table of their hotel. Every hotel will have a meal so that admin can add a new table, can edit it, and can delete it as per the need.


Booking Management

Booking management is the main tough thing for the hotel, so this system will make the hotel booking mechanism easy and more effective. In order you can check the status of rooms, booking details of booked rooms. You can shift the places if the customer wants to change the room. You can joint and disjoint the rooms as per the need.


Menu and food management

The hotel can manage the food category and foods. The system has the main categories and subcategories to make the menu and navigation easy. A restaurant can add and edit the main categories and subcategories. Food can be combined with name, price, code, background color for display, recipes, and other things.

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Stock Management

Stock management also the best part of the system. Admin can check the stock of the hotel. Capital and the level can be set, and admin can get a notification while stock reaching the standard. The unit of the stock also can be managed by the admin themselves. These features will help to know out of stock materials/goods for the hotel.

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Sales Report

The system will generate the report daily, weekly monthly, and yearly basis. The sales report, customer report, food report, etc. which will help the hotel to analyze data of the hotel. This might help the hotel owner to track the growth of hotels and sales with a specific period of time.

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The system will generate the report daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. The sales report, customer report, food report, etc. which will help the hotel to analyze data of the hotel. This might help the hotel owner to track the growth of hotels and sales with a specific period.



The most powerful feature of the system is the order of food based on the table and room. The customer who has booked the room can order based on room and table as well. And the customer who came only for food will order based on the table they are using. This system has a pre-order system based on room and time and date, which is a unique feature than other systems.



Customers can pay bills with cash, card, and if they are regular customers or familiar with the hotel, they can pay as a credit(which depends upon hotel). While customers come to the billing section, this system will generate the bills with details, which saves time at the counter and reduces the probability of error on calculation. Discounts can be applied, as group discounts, general discounts, personal discounts. Admin and billing admin can see all paid history and credit history based on the selected date.


Discount Management

This system has categories discount with personal discount, group discount, and general discount. Based on the discount and rate set on this part, it can be used at the billing time. Group discounts, general discounts, and personal discounts can be applied for different purposes.


Log Book

A logbook is an essential part of the regular executing business like a hotel. Which will record today's opening balance and closing balance this will help the hotel to manage their cash flow at starting and closing time.


Customers details

If the customer is regular for the hotel or he is familiar with the hotel, they can become a regular customer by creating an account on the system. Based on sales with consistent customer points of the customer will increase and will receive some complimentary. The point and purchase history with the hotel can check from the website of the hotel by customer. This will help to build a goodt relationship between customers and restaurants.


Attendance and Payroll (Salary & wages)

This system will help to manage the attendance of the staff of the hotel who are working based on the hour. This calculates the salary of the team based on their working hours. This system helps the admin to check in and check out the status of every staff. With this data hotel, the owner can quickly analyze team late check-in and over an hour.


User and role

The system will have multiple users with the assigned role. The role may be of admin, manager, salesperson, and kitchen staff with their permission. The user can use the system as per the role assigned them; for example, if your position is sales, you can not see the parts of the kitchen.