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Laravel is one of the most popular MVC frameworks of PHP. Laravel was introduced by Taylor Otwell and team in June 2011.

Here are some basic information about the Laravel:

Official website:


Licence: MIT License

Developers: Taylor Otwell

Written in: PHP

Popular for: Web Applications

Introduced year: June 2011


Because of its lightweight and flexibility, Laravel has become increasingly useful, catering to a wide range of applications from small websites to advanced web applications and software. Its robust customization capabilities and array of features have contributed to its growing user base. The Laravel community is expanding rapidly, fueled by the growing number of Laravel developers and frequent updates.

Laravel is versatile, suitable for developing anything from small website content management systems to advanced systems. Additionally, it is ideal for API development, enabling seamless integration with cutting-edge front-end technologies such as React and Vue.js, as well as mobile application development platforms.

Laravel developer


Laravel Developer

Like other developers, Laravel developers are skilled individuals who specialize in managing and editing Laravel files to develop necessary features. They possess the ability to tailor Laravel projects according to specific requirements and preferences. Laravel developers can be either individuals or companies.

In the industry, you'll find a spectrum of Laravel developers ranging from juniors to seniors, all capable of customising and upgrading projects. The demand for Laravel developers is consistently high, with people actively seeking them out to enhance their projects.

Primarily, Laravel is utilised as a backend CMS for websites and online software development. Consequently, the number of websites and online software developed with Laravel is steadily increasing day by day.


Why Laravel

Many individuals and companies opt for Laravel for their website and software development needs. But why? Here's a list of reasons why people love to use Laravel for their projects:


‣ Security: 

Laravel boasts robust security features, making it a preferred choice among PHP frameworks and libraries. Users appreciate Laravel's ability to safeguard resources, data, and source code, prioritising security even after development. With advanced security measures, such as the utilisation of the Bcrypt hashing algorithm which ensures passwords are never stored in plain text within the database, Laravel stands out as a secure framework.

‣ Performance: 

Performance is a crucial factor for websites, often serving as a primary metric for assessing their effectiveness, especially under heavy traffic. Laravel-developed websites exhibit commendable performance capabilities, adept at handling high volumes of traffic while maintaining error-free operation. This stellar performance contributes to Laravel's reputation as a leading PHP framework.

‣ Flexibility: 

Laravel is renowned for its exceptional flexibility, empowering developers to customize features extensively. Whether creating simple websites or advanced software and applications, Laravel provides developers with a plethora of pre-built features and tools to bring their visions to life.

‣ Maintenance & Support: 

Laravel offers comprehensive documentation, facilitating easy maintenance of websites and projects. Additionally, frequent updates enhance Laravel's functionality by addressing errors and introducing new features, ensuring continuous support for developers.

‣ Error Handling: 

Developers favour Laravel for its robust error handling mechanism, which streamlines the debugging process and enhances the development experience.

‣ Laravel Community: 

Laravel have great community for the developer so they can get the solutions from community easily and can stay updated with eachother.

‣ Modular Architecture: 

Laravel follows the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural pattern, enabling developers to manage large projects and files efficiently through modularization. With Laravel, individual features of an application or web app can be treated as separate modules, offering numerous advantages in terms of organisation and scalability.


Laravel developemnt

Laravel Development Company

Web House is a prominent Laravel development company boasting experienced and professional Laravel developers. With a proven track record, Web House has successfully delivered thousands of projects utilising Laravel. In various capacities, Laravel serves as the backbone for new projects, existing ones, and upgrades, addressing issues and errors effectively. For both individuals and organisations, Web House emerges as a reliable solution provider in the realm of Laravel development.

Choosing a company like Web House over individual freelance Laravel developers offers several advantages. Here's why Web House Nepal stands out as your preferred Laravel Development Company for any project:


Why Web House for Laravel Projects:

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What Web House can do for you as a laravel developer


Cost of Laravel Developer

Like everything else, Laravel developers also come with a cost, and this cost can vary significantly. When inquiring about the cost from multiple Laravel developers, you'll notice that each has their own pricing structure.

Now, you might wonder, what factors contribute to this variance in cost? Primarily, there are two main aspects that influence the cost of a Laravel developer:

  1. 1. Experience (Expertise) of the Laravel Developer: The level of expertise and experience a Laravel developer possesses directly impacts their pricing. Developers with years of experience and a proven track record typically charge higher rates compared to those who are newer to the field.


  1. 2. Project Requirements: The cost also depends on the specific features and functionalities you require for your project. More complex projects with extensive features will naturally incur higher costs compared to simpler ones.

As Laravel developers  or laravel developemnt company ourselves, we offer our services starting from $600 USD for developing basic websites with their CMS. However, this cost is just the starting point, as the cost can increase based on the additional tasks and features needed for your website or system.

In summary, while the cost of a Laravel developer may vary, it is influenced by factors such as the developer's experience and the requirements of your project.

We consistently recommend Laravel for projects spanning from small to large scales, as It fits for all types of projects. Opting to develop your project with Laravel is an excellent decision, and we extend our best wishes for your online presence. Additionally, we at Web House offer our expertise in Laravel development and stand ready to serve as your technical partner, ensuring the success and seamless execution of your project.

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