Office Management System

The digital office is a web application that aims to help an organization or company to manage data and information. This is an excellent platform to carry all the data of the company digitally. As you need, you can create the subject and can store data with creating fields required, which can be used at any time from anywhere. This is the office management system as per the requirement of the present scenario with data management and client relationship management. This office management software aims to manage the following things digitally:



Data is the property, which is essential for every organization and everyone. The organization may have many data, which we can store as we need and can use it. You can create the title as you need like “Local Clients” and can create the fields that will be required to store data like “name,” “address,” “email id” etc. This may help to store the data in an organized way and can use comfortably for the future.


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Invoice is a part of the company. This system can be used to create an invoice for the client and can send it. In general, an invoice can be created, sent, and stored digitally with this system.


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If you are thinking of sending an email or something in bulk, then it is the way to do that. You can create the client group and can create or design the content and can send them. It is email marketing in terms of marketing. You can introduce your service or product to your targeted client through this process and system. Organizations can use this feature of the system to send notices, greetings, etc.


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There is always running project at organization, you can check the status of the running project and the mileage of the projects on the basis of the updates done by project manager and team member.


office management system

As per the requirement of your office or organization, you can create and manage the department and the working shift.


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Admin, manager, or someone who has permission to create the notice can create the note, and all the users or the department will get the notification of the notice and can check the notice.


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As all things doing digitally, the meeting also can be done digitally. The person who has permission to create the session and can add the member to discuss and can discuss there as a forum. And finally, it can be closed with the conclusion and which can be used or can check in the future also.


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Poll can be used to make fair decisions. In this system, the poll can be created and can send to the related departs or the users, and they can rate based on their view, and admin can get an honest review. If you have designed a new concept or something, then you want to ask everyone at the office you can use it.


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This is the featured feature of the system. You can send bulk SMS to the customer and custom SMS to a particular customer. This may be very useful to provide essential and quick notice and notification to customers.


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It will help remind the client as well as company representatives about expiring services. You will set the time duration for the renew service and remind time durations. Like, renew time one year and recall times 30 days, 15 days, 7 days, etc.



After sending the reminder email to the client and admin, the system will put the details at the pending list until this is unpaid or unrenewed. So admin can check easily pending list and can make followup or take action.


company management

This is a personal reminder to remind you about your schedule on a specific day or time. You can set the date and things to remember you, and at the time system will tell you. This can be used as the personal notice, and note as well personal reminder.


organization management

You can create the client group and store all the data of the client as per need. Creating of group of the client has benefit for the newsletter, because newsletter or bulk email can be done to clients as per the requirement. Client name, email, phone, address project etc. you can store here to make easy to use in the future.


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At large companies, new staff and even many old staff may not know about the organization structure, so it may help then to understand more about their organizational structure.


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Admin can check attendance of every staff and attendance history. Staff or the other user can check his/her attendance report. This attendance report will help admin to make the salary sheet as well as the check-in and check-out timing of the staff.


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You can create a team with the team leader to assign to project. Team leader can manage the work done percentage of the project. Every team member can feedback on the project which every one of the team can check and feedback or team discussion.


organization management

The user who have permission to create the new user they can create a new user with permission and manage it. One user can see only the things of organization that permitted him/her.


compny system

This system will help you to analyse the flow of projects, clients, late projects, terminated service etc. Which will help to check the growing status of the organization with various charts.



If admin created the notice, pole, or requesting meeting, and added to team user can get notification at dashboard and will get the notification at the email.