Sales and Inventory Management System

The term ‘sales and inventory system’ is a software-based business solution which is used to simultaneously track sales activity in addition to inventory. Trade resellers as well as manufacturers can gain advantages from this solution. Sales and inventory system minimize the time consuming, paper record-keeping, and error-prone excel sheet. This system auto generates all relevant records once a transaction is done updating stocks, customer and suppliers ac and receivables or payables.
Contact management(customer and suppliers) Contact management records the details of named individuals for both customers and suppliers and also allows unlimited individual contacts that can be standalone or linked to customers, suppliers, and in some cases both. It keeps critical information on all your contacts, enabling greater professionalism in your business conversations.

Following are the features of this system:

Product management (product, category, brand, unit)


Product management is typically for business that is building products or technology for customers or internal is also responsible for the strategy, road map and feature, category, brand, unit definition for the product line. The position may include forecasting, marketing, and profits and loss responsibilities.

Sales (billing / invoice / offline sale)

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This system works as a sales software that automates your makes purchasing, inventory, pay, means, expenses, and customer management easy, along with billing, invoicing, and offline sale.

Stock (stock out notification / edit stock)

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This system allows customers to subscribe and receive notifications on price and inventory updates and helps to grab more information on subscribers' preferences and demands by activating stock, tracking users behaviors with an analytics dashboard, notifying customers, and guest visitors, keeping admin forward about low stock and so on.

Purchase and inventory

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This software helps to control the procurement process from purchase requests, issuance of purchase orders, receiving of goods, and voucher creation. It is not only for the procurement department but across the entire business including purchase requisitions, supplier approvals, P.O. approval, and facilitate for tracking of purchase at any point in the cycle and minimize the time required to execute procurement tasks.

Customer management

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This system helps to maintain good customer service management with the easy access to data where you can match the right order to the right customers and provide accurate information regarding inventory stock levels .

Suppliers management

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This system helps in the identification, selection, and management of relevant suppliers coupled with the practical evaluation of their performance to ensure that they providing maximum value for the business’s third- party requirements.

Reports (Sales, purchase, customer, profit, loss)

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This system maintains the accurate, up to date reports of sales, purchase, and will allow to discovertrends, identify weaknesses and strengths and fill gaps and inefficiencies.using such, you can step up to grow profitability by eliminating wasted time and resources.

Discount management

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This system follows the tactics to grab client attention by offering discounts at the right time at the right situation to attract the client's attention which lead not only increase the sales but also to improves customer relationships and boosts business reputation.

Category Management

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You can manage categories of your products. Adding category and edit category has made it very easy for the users. You can manage the categories as you need as your product yourself. By managing products category wise will help you to manage large number of products easily and effectively.

User and role

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Sales and inventory management has grant access to different functions of different users privileges for their roles, which apply the roles to specific assets, networks, or other objects and also facilitate for adding user, deleting user, viewing user details, adding a directory server, configuring a notification profile, deleting a notification profile and so on.

This system allows to track of the business inventory and offers a centralized view of stock, controls business costs by making stock reports for the analysis of business inventory, improve business delivery by managing out stock-outs and meeting customer exceptions, manages planning and forecasting by analyzing data trends, reduce the time for managing inventory by keeping record s in place. If you want your business to grow rapidly with efficient and effective management then choose this system.To achieve efficiency and productivity in operations. Minimize inventory costs and maximize sales & profits, Integrate your entire business, automation of manual tasks, maintain customer happiness etc are the advantages of this system.
There Are so many ways to grow your business but for product-based business, all you need is sales and inventory management system. Must of us have experienced a lot of trouble in managing inventory manually, this sales and inventory management system automates techniques to automate the manufacturing inventory process from purchases to sales help my business and other functions /facilities of this system helps to provide accurate tracking of inventory, valuable forecasting capabilities. Techniques like Just-In-Time, Build-to-order, or Accurate Response can be implemented via an electronic inventory system and stock levels can be tracked and adjusted in real-time. The use of such functions is imperative for a business to grow and survive such functions is imperative for a business to grow and survive. Earlier, businesses would have to conclude separate record-keeping processes for the income in addition to the inventory change. With a sales and inventory management solution, each factor is well coordinated with a single entry in the software program.