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School management system is designed and developed to automate and streamline various administrative tasks in school and colleges. It provides a centralised platform for managing academic records, student information, staff data, attendance, timetable, fees, and other essential aspects of a school's operations. With the help of a school management system, school administrators can easily track and monitor the progress of students, generate reports, and communicate with parents and staff members.

Moreover, the software enhances communication between the school and parents through the integration of features such as online portals and messaging systems. It helps to reduce paperwork, minimise errors, and save time, thereby increasing the efficiency and productivity of the school's management. The use of school management software has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it allows for better organisation, data analysis, and decision-making in educational institutions.

As many School and college Management System in Nepal we also providing and serving the best SMS. Which include system for the school, app for the parent and teacher.

● Web based System for School

● App for Parent

● App for Teacher

Let's See them:

Web based System for School:

Our system has a user-friendly and managed dashboard for school admin. The Dashboard of our School Management System can be an effective tool for administrators to manage and monitor student information, academic progress, attendance, and other important data.

The dashboard can provide real-time updates, charts, graphs, and reports to help stakeholders make informed decisions and take appropriate actions. With a user-friendly interface, the dashboard can simplify tasks such as scheduling, grading, and communication, and can also enhance collaboration and accountability among different departments and individuals. Overall, a well-designed web-based dashboard can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of the school management system, and ultimately contribute to better student outcomes.

From this web based dashboard following things can be managed:

User / Students

From the system admin can see all the details of the student. Can manage the students. Can add the student, can edit the student, can delete the student.

User / Teachers

From the system admin can see a list of the teacher and details of the teacher. Can manage the Teacher. Can add the teacher, can edit the teacher, can delete the teachers.

User / Parents

Similarly admin can see a list of the parents and details of the parent. Can manage the Teacher. Can add the teacher, can edit the teacher, can delete the teachers.

Attendance / Students

Admin can manage and can see the detail of the attendance of the students.

Attendance / Staff

Admin can manage and can see the detail of the attendance of the staff.

Support/ Tickets

Admin can see the ticket list and can manage them, can see detail, status and detail of the ticket.


Admin are able to manage the announcement, can add announcements, can see the list of announcements and can edit them.

Events Management

Admin can manage the events and calender.

Holidays Management

Admin can manage the holidays of the school.

Holidays Management

Admin can manage the holidays of the school.

School Info/ Class

Admin can manage the class as per the requirement.

School Info/ Section

Admin can manage the sections of the classes as per the requirement.

School Info/ Subject.

AAdmin can manage the subjects of the classes.

School Info/ Academic Year

Admin can manage the academic year of the school.

Exams Management

Admins are able to manage the exams as per the terms exam of the school.

Routines Management

Admins are able to manage the routines of the section and classes.

Exam Year & Type

Admin can manage the exam year and type.

Results management

Admin can manage the results of the exams. They can manage the marksheet of the students.

Mobile Application for Parents:

For the School Management System, parents app is the most important part. Without the App for the Parent school management system can not be completed.

All the information about the school and their children’s activity will foun at hand. Beside the every needed things like routine, notice, result parent can get the real time attendance of their children. Not only information parent can communicate with the school using mobile application.

Here are the things that parent can do from school app we are providing for them through school:


Using app parents are ale to see the attendance of the children. Not only children is absence or presence they can see the attendance of the week, month year and more.


There is always a challenge to make proper communication between parents and school but this app make easy communucation. What ever announcement is doing from school parent will get at hand. They can see the previous announcement list as well.


Parents can see the homework status of the day. What home work is assign to their children and how their children is doing with previous homework.

Support and Ticketing

Parents also find it challenging to manage their time to attend school and gather information or make inquiries. However, our app provides them with the convenience of connecting with the school anytime, from anywhere, through a support or ticket system.

Examination Section

Parents can see the examination detail of the school.

school management system

App for Teacher:

Our School Management System has the mobile application for the teacher also. Because of the app from teacher, admin and parent can get real and proper informations easily about the class, home work, attendance, marks and more.

So here are the things that teacher can do from App:

Attendance Management

If there is no internet connection or something wrong witht the automatic attendance system teacher can make attendance using app.

Homework assign

Teachers are able to assign the home work for the class from the app and homework status of the every student.

Marks update

Teachers have the capability to update the marks of every student for specific exams through our app.

Some Testimonial of our clients:

This school management software (SMS) has been a game-changer for our school. With its user-friendly interface, efficient attendance management, effective communication tools, comprehensive student management, robust reporting and analytics, and excellent customer support, and many more feature has revolutionized how we manage our school operations. It has made administrative tasks more efficient and organized, improved communication with students and parents, and provided valuable insights through its reporting and analytics. I highly recommend SMS to any school looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to streamline their operations and enhance communication.

Chandra Chhetri
Beersheba National Heiger Secondary School

As an educator, I have been using the school management software (SMS) for a few months now, and I am extremely impressed with its capabilities. The SMS has transformed our school's administrative tasks into a seamless and efficient process. The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation, and features like attendance management, gradebook, communication tools, student management, and robust reporting have greatly improved our school's operations. The SMS has saved us time and effort, enabling us to focus more on teaching and student success. The customer support has been outstanding, and the continuous updates and improvements based on user feedback demonstrate the commitment of the SMS team to providing an excellent product. I highly recommend SMS to any educational institution seeking to streamline their operations and enhance productivity.

Dr. Titus Bhusal
Lekhnath Memorial Boarding School

As an administrator, I am thrilled with the school management software (SMS) that our school recently implemented. The SMS has proven to be a game-changer, simplifying our school operations and making our daily tasks more efficient. The intuitive user interface allows for easy navigation and the robust features such as attendance management, gradebook, communication tools, student management, and comprehensive reporting have significantly improved our administrative processes. The SMS has also facilitated seamless communication between teachers, students, and parents, fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment. The exceptional customer support and regular updates have further enhanced our experience with SMS. I highly recommend SMS to any school looking to optimize their operations and elevate their educational practices.

Ram Bdr Pathak
Jalmonah English Boarding School

Advantages of the school management system:

Here are the advantages of the school management system:

Efficient and streamlined administration: A school management system automates and simplifies administrative tasks, reducing the workload and increasing efficiency.

Improved communication: The system provides tools for communication between teachers, students, and parents, improving engagement and transparency.

Centralised data management: All data related to students, staff, and operations is stored in a centralised database, making it easy to access and manage.

Enhanced security: A school management system ensures that all data is secure and only accessible to authorised users, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Real-time access to information: The system allows for real-time access to student records, attendance, and other data, facilitating quick decision-making.

Time and cost-effective: Using a school management system saves time and money by reducing paperwork, increasing efficiency, and minimizing errors.

Customizable and scalable: The system can be customised to meet the specific needs of a school, and it is scalable to accommodate growth and change.

Better resource allocation: By providing insights and analytics, a school management system enables administrators to allocate resources more effectively.

Parent involvement: The system allows parents to access information about their child's academic progress, attendance, and other data, fostering greater involvement and participation.

Improved academic performance: By streamlining administrative tasks and improving communication, a school management system can improve academic performance and outcomes for students.