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Software Development Company

Software making lives easy.
Software or systems are becoming an essential part of personal and professional lives.

So when we define software, it is like the brains behind your computer or smartphone. It's a set of instructions and programs that tell your device what to do. 

Just like you use apps to perform specific tasks, software is what makes those apps work. Without software, your hardware wouldn't know how to function. It's the invisible, essential layer that brings your devices to life and enables them to do all the things you love.

Normally there are two types of software:

In general offline software means a desktop application or software which runs without an internet connection and needs to be installed on the device.

Normally online software is a type of system or software which does not need to be installed on a device and can run from browsers.

We have explained here the difference between the desktop application and web application which indicates the offline software and online software.

Software Development in Nepal


Customised Software Development Services In Nepal

Web House Nepal specialises in the development of software as per the requirements of clients with cutting-edge technologies. With extensive experience in the field, we stand out as a reliable, robust, and trustworthy name in the industry, committed to consistently surpassing our promised achievements. 

Partnering with us will enhance your project's clarity and success, whether it's a local or global endeavour. As a software development company in Nepal, we possess the resources and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

As we understand the importance of software, and the sensitivity of software,  we make very clear and standard software development procedures. Within it we take clear requirements of the required system. We connect and understand the business nature and need software for the business and proceed with the further development procedure.


Software Development Company In Nepal – Web House

Yes, Web House is one of the software development companies executing from Nepal. We provide reliable and professional customised software development solutions for every industry. As a software development company, we have developed dozens of software that make many businesses easy and effective. Software is developed to make your business and process digital.

Software Development Companies always take responsibility for making software run smoothly and properly. Development of software is not only a duty of the software developer but the support is the main and long-term responsibility of the development company. We understand it so, that Web House always focuses on the support of the software that is developed and delivered.

So if you are also looking for a Software Development Company to develop your software we can be your development partner to customise your software as per your requirements. As mentioned, the software makes your business easy. It saves you time and energy. 

In this digital era without good software, your business strategy can not be completed. You can not make a single operation smooth without software. Software like accounting software, sales software, CRM, and Human Resource Software can not run your business properly. 

For example just imagine your manual bookkeeping of sales, profit and loss, vendors and customers and their data. For a small business actually only for very small businesses but for the growing trend and scaled business this is not possible to do manually so software is part of a successful business.


Software Development


Why does your business need software?

We can not list all here why businesses need software but need software for a variety of reasons, as it plays a crucial role in modern business operations. Here's a list of why businesses need software:

  1. Efficiency: Software automates repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for manual labour. Which makes it more efficiency for every production work.

  2. Productivity: It helps employees streamline their work, enabling them to accomplish more in less time. The software can track every work detail of the individual and analyse them so it increases productivity.

  3. Accuracy: Software reduces human error in tasks like data entry and calculations, ensuring accuracy in business operations. So the use of software means an increase in accuracy. 

  4. Cost Reduction: Through automation and streamlined processes, software can lead to cost savings in areas like human resources and raw materials and waste control over many industries. 

  5. Scalability: While business is growing, the number of customers increasing business owners need to increase all the resources to manage them but through software, it can be handled easily.

  6. Remote Work: For the latest trends there is a growing culture called work from home and work from everywhere. Only software facilitates remote work, enabling businesses to access talent worldwide and maintain operations during unforeseen disruptions.

  7. Analytics: Advanced analytics software enables businesses to predict trends, identify opportunities, and optimise processes for growth. So from the software you can analyse everything you like to analyse with your business like sales, customer, profit, loss and many more.

  8. Strategic Planning: By analysing the sales and the customer behaviour and demand business owners can make planning and strategy software assists in long-term planning, goal setting, and performance monitoring.


Our Software Development Procedure

If you search software development procedure or software development life cycle you will find many procedures with good explanations. Among them, we use this general procedure for software development.

Step1: Requirement Analysis

We do requirement analysis and make documents. We suggest what things can make your software better and what things seem unwanted. We discuss here more to be clear about the features of software.

Step2: Use Case

We make use cases with the use case diagrams and other diagrams like activity diagrams if needed. Which makes more clear about the user's activity with the software.

Step 3: Design

This is where we started to visualise your software from the graphical presentation. We design the user interface of the software here. Normally we do it from graphical representation from various design tools like Figma and Adobe XD but some of the projects we code here are more realistic. This can be done on the basis of the project's nature.

Step 4: Development

We developed the approved design. Development is making software functional. Every design element and feature will be functional. This is the major part of the software development process and the most time-consuming stage. We use the latest and secure technologies for software development like Python, .net, Java and more.

Step 5: Testing

The developed software will be tested by a QA analyst. The functions of the software will be tested one by one. All the errors will be documented and provided to developers. Initially, we do it manually but Bast on the software size and investment automatic has also been implemented. In this stage not only functions of the software tested here we test security level, code quality, usability and more.

Step 6: Bug Fixing

The developer will fix all the errors that are documented by the QA Analyst. If there are design issues, designers are also involved here to fix them. After fixing the documented errors it will again proceed with the testing and if there are errors it will be fixed again. This process will be repeated until there are no errors in the software.

Step7: Implementation

After design development and testing, now time to implement the software. If the software is online it will be hosted at the server. And if software is offline it will be installed on the device and provide details to the client with a user manual. If needed we will train customers on how it operates and works based on their requirement

Software development life Cycle

Fig: Software development Life Cycle of Web House

After the implementation of the software, if a client wants more features on the software it will be treated as a new feature of the software and this will be handled again from the feature or requirement analysis and proceed further with all the stages mentioned above. We can list the basic price also as we do for the cost of website design and development.


Cost of Software Development

What is the cost of software development? This is the major question when you are planning to develop software. But the answer is always the same “it depends”. The cost of the software depends on the features you want to have on the software. Technical complexity of the software features. Each function of the software that you imagine and want to have on software carries the design and development values and cost. That is why everyone says it depends on the features of the software if you ask about the cost of software development.


As a software design and development company, we suggest you following for a better experience and cost reduction:


So, if you are also planning to develop the software for your business, or need to discuss the software project we will be available for all software solutions. Web House Nepal will lead the software development process as your technical partner.


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