Vacancy for A vacancy for a Laravel Developer

We are looking for dynamic and smart people with good knoledge and experiance of Laravel Developer to join our hands in expanding our Web Development Team to help our clients build their products better.

A vacancy for a Laravel Developer refers to a job opening or position within a company or organization that requires a skilled professional with expertise in developing web applications using the Laravel framework.

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that provides a robust set of tools and features for building modern, scalable, and secure web applications. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and simplifies the development process by offering a clean and elegant syntax, as well as a wide range of pre-built libraries and components.

As a Laravel Developer, your primary responsibility will be to design, develop, and maintain web applications using the Laravel framework. This involves understanding project requirements, creating database schemas, implementing business logic, integrating with external services or APIs, and ensuring the application's performance, security, and scalability.


Responsibilities of Laravel Developer

Normally these are the responsibilities of the Laravel Developer. Responsibilities might differ based on the company and project. But basically here are the list of the responsibilities that developer need to be responsible.

✔  Developing and maintaining web applications using Laravel and related technologies.

✔  Quickly understand the high-level business goals of the client and then help to develop, execute and monitor project development to accomplish them.

✔  Participate in project discussion/analysis.

✔  Writing clean, modular, and maintainable code following Laravel best practices.

✔ Write codes as per company standards to develop high-end websites in PHP/MySQL in the Laravel framework

✔  Prepare a work plan for the project tasks daily, and provide the work status report at the end of the day based on the work plan prepared

✔  Share knowledge and ideas among other developers on the project or tools used, or on any innovation made during the project

✔  Prepare project documents for each project, including project development report and project completion report



    Here are some requirements that we required to be a Laravel Developer:

    * Strong knowledge of Object-oriented PHP and MySql ( 2 years of experience working with PHP and Laravel)

    * Experience with PHP frameworks Laravel

    * Understanding of databases and SQL

    * Good Knowledge in PHP Laravel, Framework

    * Good Knowledge of web Based Application / Website Architecture.

    * Should be able to work in team

    * knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, jquery, Vue.js


    This is a general job vacancy for the PHP Laravel.   You can apply  

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