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Legit ways to increase Website Traffic in 2021

Web strategy can not be completed unless it has good traffic. The traffic of the website is the next thing to maintain after completion of the development of the website. A website without a good visitor is useless, even if it is well designed and developed. 

While we are talking about the visitor, search engines are the things that come first at mind, like Google, Bing, etc. Among them, we still love the traffic from Google, and it is possible only through search engine optimization. An organic increase in attracting google traffic to your website can be attributed to several factors. 


There may be many factors and strategies, which affect the traffic of the website; among them, we will discuss with the following:

Quality Content-Think about content

Technically and strategically, from both views, content is the central part of the website. Content is the main thing on site. Content never created for the site, but the website is built or designed and developed to display the content. The website is intended to make the online presence of the material.

For the area of search engine optimization, content is king. Without optimization of the content website never can be optimized. Only from the content of the website user can you understand the site, business, business model, and more things that need to know from the website.

Most of the search engines rank the website based on the content. So if you want to have good organic traffic, you need to have good content on the site. 

One of the essential factors for the search results at search engines is the performance of the website. The performance of the website can be checked using many tools and manage it. 

Interaction and performance of the website

People can stay long at the site if it is interactive with them. If your target is to make the right traffic on the website, it must be designed and developed as the nature of the user. What the user may search at the site, what may be next they want to look after one, these things must be analyzed and implemented while designing the website.

The performance of the website is an essential part of optimization. While we talk about the optimization of website performance is the first thing that needs to manage and talk.  

Responsive-Device friendly

According to the analytical report and research of the present scenario, around 50% of users are from mobile. Similarly, there are good numbers of the user who comes from iPad, tabs, and others. This means, while you are designing the website, you have to think about the variations of devices.

You need to work for all devices, how to display with mobile, with the medium device, for large devices and extra-large devices. This designing of the website with various layout or display with various devices is the responsive design of the website. 


This part comes with the UX design phase, which is the first step of the technically starting of a web project. This is the part of the website which attracts the user with the look and feels.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the only way for organic traffic. We have talked about the importance of SEO for businesses or websites in the previous blog. 

SEO is the strategy to rank the website at search results of search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

As a web design and development company, we believe that your web strategy may not be completed without excellent and perfect search engine optimization of the website.

Among all the marketing strategies search engine optimization is the only one which will bring real customer to you. 

The optimization of the website to make appear at the top at the search result with the targeted or related keyword is Search Engine Optimization.

So, SEO is the thing we have to manage not only for the increase in traffic but also for the growth of the business.

Blogs-Never stops writing

Blogging is an essential part of the website, whether it is a commercial website or organizational.

Usually, the blog is writing about the things you know, your research, but at some place, it found as an update of the organization or company. You can create blogs and can share it on social media or at some reachable place from where many users can come to the website.


Social Media-Interact with visitor

No one is out of the reach of social media. Everyone is associated with any of social media. If you want to reach more people directly, social media is the best way.

You can talk about your business and services on social media. You can create suitable social media campaigns for your services or products from where you can generate a good quality of the traffic on your website.

Guest Blogging-Why not to write for other.

Guest blogging is also a writing blog at other websites or blogs where a guest post or guest blogging is allowed. Surely if you are going to write a guest blog, you will go with accessible and high domain rating blogs or websites from where we can generate the traffic by providing links. 


Submission and guest blogging is conceptually the same thing and technique. At guest blogging, you will write a blog and will submit, and this submission means directly submission of links at the others. By submission of links at the professional website, at least you will have one do-follow backlink. 

Online communities

There are many online communities and forums to talk about and discuss specific issues. Where you also can join and chat. So as a guest post and submission of the link, you can post your comments. While you are posting comments, you can have a strategy to bring traffic to your website. So in this way, online communities and various forms also can be a source or procedure to generate traffic on the site.



Ads are another method to bring traffic to the website. Ads may be paid or unpaid. Ads from search engines like Google and Bing etc. and social media may be paid advertisements. From where you can generate the right amount of traffic. 

Similarly, you can generate traffic from another website by displaying your ad with them.

Newsletter/Email campaign

Basically, the newsletter is the concept of creating a template with your contain and email to the targeted users.

The newsletter is an excellent way to make reach your content by your real user. Selected content will contact your selected user by email. By doing it, many traffic can generate to your website. 

There are various ways of creating a newsletter, directly from the website, from third parties like MailChimp, convertkit, aweber, etc. 


Based on content, there is a variation of newsletter like the creation of only a short content as a piece of information, as an announcement, just providing links of the website or content, providing real content or information through a newsletter, etc.

The newsletter is using mainly for information purposes, marketing purposes, link generation purposes. And through these, all strategies traffic can be generated to the website. 

Conclusion : 

However, above mentioned help you to increase the web site traffic but the efforts depend upon your work. You need to be patient and keep on following the above points. Try to give quality content to your visitor. Do not expect quick results. Keep on writing, updating your content and revised your SEO frequently.