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Registration of .np domain

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control within the Internet. [Nepal's official .np Domain Registration]. The domain is the identifier of your website. This is the address to access the website.

.np domain is a similar domain as others with .np extension. Basically, the domain with .np extension says it is the domain of Nepal. This is the country code domain extension for Nepal. Every domain with .np extension is the domain of Nepal.

Every individual and organization can register the .np domain. It is free.

Here is a guide to registering the .np domain step by step.

After here you will get domain availability notification with available or taken messages. If the domain is available you can apply for it or take it. If it is taken you can not register it.

If domain is taken, you will get this message :


And if domain is available you will get this notification 

Your domain is available mean we can proceed further to register the domain.

  • Register

Now click at Register Botton to proceed further.

If you have an account just log in and if not register through the Create User Botton and fill all the details name, email, password, etc. After submission check email and verify email.


  • Domain Request Form

Now you will get the form with the title “Domain Request Form”

Please fill all the fields.

At the Primary Name Server and Secondary Name server, you need to fill the nameserver that is provided by the hosting provider.

Note: You need to have a hosting to register the .np domain name. Every hosting or server has a name server.


You need to fill NAME SERVERS, ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT, TECHNICAL CONTACT after the domain name selection.

After filing all fields you will go through “Save & Continue”

  • Documentation

This is the final phase of the domain registration process. Here you need to submit the documents.

For the domain name, you need the following documents. For the

Personal domain 

  1. Cover letter or application to get the domain name

  2. Citizen or Passport 


            Organization domain 

  1. Cover letter or application to get the domain name
  2. PAN (optional)
  3. Company registration

For the attachment you need to follow the instructions properly like “File size must be less than 800 kilobytes”, “only jpg or jpeg” file support


  • Request Domain

After submission of all the documents make “Request Domain”, you will redirected to the dashboard where your domain status will show 


Normally they will respond to you within 24 working hours.

In this way you can register the domain name with .np extension.